November 20, 2019

In Occupied Palestine

In Occupied Palestine – 18 November 2019

While the Occupation is business as usual for Israel,

there should be no business with Israel

In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

(Compiled by Leslie Bravery, Palestine Human Rights Campaign, Auckland, New Zealand

18 November 2019 {Main source of statistics: Palestinian Monitoring Group (PMG): NB:The period covered by this newsletter is taken from the PMG’s 24-hour sitrep ending 8am the day after the above date.}

We shall always do our best to verify the accuracy of all items in these IOP newsletters/reports wherever possible [e.g. we often suspect that names of people and places that we see in the PMG sitreps could be typos but as we do not speak Arabic, we have no alternative but to copy and paste these names from the PMG sitreps] – but please forgive us for any errors or omissions – L & M.

Israeli Navy

opens fire on

Palestinian fishing boats

Israeli Army

positions open fire

on Gaza farmland

Israeli Army

sniper fire on

people in Jabaliya

Israeli Army home invasion

and armed robbery

Israeli Army destroys

water pipeline to

Bedouin community

Israeli Army and

settlers violate

Russian Orthodox church

Night peace disruption and/or

home invasions in 2 refugee

camps and 9 towns and villages

6 attacks – 5 Israeli ceasefire violations

27 raids including home invasions

1 wounded

2 abducted (both aged 14)

4 acts of

agricultural/economic sabotage

28 taken prisoner

Home invasions: 01:30-06:30, Deir Nitham – 04:25, Jenin – 04:25, Bruqin – 04:25, the Jenin UN refugee camp – dawn, Sabastya.

Peace disruption raids: 02:40, Biddu – dawn, al-Eisawiya – al-Eizariya – 18:00-21:05, Ein Qiniya – 01:00-05:20, Shuqba – dawn, Silwad – 13:15-15:50, Orif – 13:15-15:50, Quassin – 13:15-15:50, Burin – 13:15-15:50, Iraq Burin – 13:15-15:50, Tel – 13:15-15:50, Assira al-Qibliya – 03:50, Nablus – 10:45, 22:45-00:25, Aqbat Jabir UN refugee camp – 08:15-09:40, Beit Sahour – 12:50-14:00, the Aida UN refugee camp – 13:10, Beit Jallah – 18:20, Hebron – 23:35, Tarqumiya – 23:35, Deir Samit – 02:05, Beit Awa – dawn, al-Arrub UN refugee camp.

Palestinian missile attacks: none.

Ceasefire violation – Israeli Navy attack – economic sabotage: Northern Gaza – 08:00, the Israeli Navy opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats off al-Sudaniya.

Ceasefire violation – Israeli Army attack – agricultural sabotage: Northern Gaza – 09:30, Israeli forces, positioned behind the Green Line, opened fire on agricultural land in east Jabaliya.

Ceasefire violation – Israeli Army sniper fire: Northern Gaza – 11:00, Israeli snipers, positioned behind the Green Line, opened fire on people in east Jabaliya.

Ceasefire violation – Israeli Army attack – agricultural sabotage: Gaza – 08:40, Israeli forces, positioned behind the Green Line, opened fire on agricultural land in the al-Shija’iya neighbourhood.

Ceasefire violation – Israeli Army attack – agricultural sabotage: Rafah – 09:00, an Israeli Army position behind the Green Line opened fire on farmland in east Rafah City.

Israeli Army attack – 1 wounded: Tulkarem – 09:55, Israeli forces, near Nazlat Issa village, opened fire, shot and hospitalised a resident, Mohammad Tah’seen, as he tried to cross the Green Line in search of employment.

Home invasions – 2 abductions: Ramallah – 01:30-06:30, Israeli forces raided Deir Nitham village and abducted two 14-year-old boys: Abdel-Rahman Mohammad Salah Yahya and Ramiz Mohammad Abdel-Rahman Al-Tamimi.

Home invasions – stun grenades and tear gas canisters: Jenin – 04:25, Israeli forces, firing stun grenades and tear gas canisters, raided the Jenin UN refugee camp and searched several homes, taking prisoner three people.

Home invasions – armed robbery: Nablus – dawn, Israeli forces raided Sabastya village and searched a home, taking prisoner a resident, Majd Abdel-Kareem Azzam, and stealing cash from the home.

Israeli Army rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades and tear gas canisters: Jerusalem – 11:00, settler militants, escorted by Israeli police, invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and molested worshippers.

Israeli Army land theft: Salfit – the Israeli military issued extensions for existing land confiscation orders in Deir Istiya, Kifl Hares, Bruqin, Kafr al-Dik, Deir Balut, al-Zawiya, Mashat and Iskaka villages.

Israeli Army rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades and tear gas canisters: Hebron – 15:50, Beit Ummar: rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades and tear gas canisters.

Raid – 15 prisoners – 7 interrogation orders: Jerusalem – dawn, Israeli forces raided al-Eisawiya village, taking prisoner 15 residents and ordering seven others to report for interrogation at Israeli Military Intelligence.

Raid – destruction – water crime: Jerusalem – Israeli forces raided the Bedouin community in the Jabal Al-Baba area, al-Eizariya, and destroyed a road and a water pipeline that serviced the Bedouin community.

Raid – UN refugee camp: Jericho – 10:45 and again at 22:45-00:25, Israeli forces raided the Aqbat Jabir UN refugee camp.

Raid – UN refugee camp: Bethlehem – 12:50-14:00, Israeli forces raided the Aida UN refugee camp.

Raid – Israeli settlers and Army church violation: Hebron – 18:20, Israeli forces and settlers raided a Russian Orthodox Church in the city.

Raid – UN refugee camp: Hebron – dawn, Israeli forces raided the al-Arrub UN refugee camp, taking prisoner three people.

Restrictions of movement (17): 19:45, eastern entrance to Qalqiliya – 11:30, road closed with concrete blocks between Kafr Thulth and al-Ayoun – 18:45, intensified restrictions at Beit Furik – 20:20, intensified restrictions at Huwara – 16:10, Yitzhar settlement road junction – 16:10, intensified restrictions at Za’tara road junction – 15:00, western entrance to Hares village – 18:00, entrance to Deir Ballut – 11:00, Aqbat Hasna – 22:30-23:30, Aqbat Hasna – 16:25, al-Nashash road junction – 18:20-20:00, entrance to Tuqu’ – 18:40, entrance to Beit Jallah – 01:40-03:05, entrance to al-Khadr – 08:20, Khilat Khaddar road junction – 16:00, Zif village road junction – 18:45, Beit Awa road junction.

[NB: Times indicated in Bold Type contribute to the sleep deprivation suffered by Palestinian children]

Leslie Bravery

PHRC | Palestine Human Rights Campaign Aotearoa/New Zealand


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