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Peace Initiatives
Oslo Print
Saturday, 19 January 2008

January 1993 

The Oslo Accords

What is commonly referred to as the “Oslo Accords” essentially consist of the following letters, agreements and understandings reached between the State of Israel and the PLO:

■ Arafat-Rabin Letters, 9 September 1993
■ Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements, 13 September 1993
■ Paris Economic Protocol, 29 April 1994
■ Agreement on the Gaza Strip and Jericho Area, 4 May 1994
■ Agreement on Preparatory Transfer of Powers and Responsibilities, 29 August 1994
■ Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, 28 September 1995
■ Protocol concerning the redeployment in Hebron, 15 January 1997
■ Agreement on Temporary International Presence in the City of Hebron, 21 January 1997 and the Memorandum of Understanding on the Establishment of a Temporary International Presence in Hebron, 30 January 1997
■ Wye River Memorandum, 23 October 1998
■ The Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum on Implementation Timeline of Outstanding Commitments of Agreements Signed and the Resumption of Permanent Status Negotiations, 4 September 1999

In the Arafat-Rabin Letters, the PLO recognised the right of the State of Israel to exist in peace and security, and reaffirmed its acceptance of UNSC resolutions 242 and 338. The PLO also affirmed “that those articles of the Palestinian Covenant which deny Israel’s right to exist, and the provisions of the Covenant which are inconsistent with the commitments of this letter are now inoperative and no longer valid.” For its part, Israel “decided to recognize the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people,” but it did not recognise the right of the Palestinian people to their own state.

Annapolis Print
Saturday, 19 January 2008

November 2008

Largely viewed as an attempt to impose Israel's will on the Palestinian people by pressuring Mahmoud Abbas to accept a watered down State.

A week after the conference, Israel announced it was expanding Settlements in the West Bank.