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While the Occupation is business as usual for Israel, there should be no business with Israel

In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

24 hours to 8am 16 February 2012

Main source of statistics: Palestinian Monitoring Group (PMG)

Israeli air strikes on 2 Gaza districts – injuries

Israeli Navy opens fire on Palestinian fishing boats in 2 Gaza districts

Home invasion: beating and hospitalisation

Home invasions: houses occupied

Israeli soldiers abduct 4 youngsters aged 16 and 17

Zionist militants in racist arson attack

Occupation settlers: agricultural sabotage and plunder

Night peace disruption and/or home invasions in refugee camp and 9 towns and villages

2 air strikes – 2 attacks – 29 raids including home invasions – 3 beaten – 7 injured

5 acts of agricultural/economic sabotage – 11 taken prisoner – 13 detained – 112 restrictions of movement

Home invasions & occupations: Jerusalem - Wadi Al Jouz - 23:30-02:20, Jenin - 23:30, Arraba - 18:35, Azzun - 11:05, Hebron - 12:30, Khursa - 19:00, Hebron.

Peace disruption raids: 02:30, Gaza city - 22:30, Turmus'ayya - Deir Abu Mash’al - 09:40, Jab‘a - 11:50, Maithaloun - 01:00, Burqin – Tulkarem - 09:40, Ramin - 17:20, Quffin - 01:00, the Nur Shams refugee camp - 10:35, Al Nabi Eliyas - 19:55, Kafr Qaddum - 15:10, Asira Al Qibliya - 23:10-04:10, Nablus - 21:20, Taqou - Hebron - 11:30, Al Thala - 11:30, Al Tuwani - 12:30, Dura - 19:20, Beit Anun - 23:30, Ithna - 01:30, Yatta.

Palestinian attack: Northern Gaza – evening, 2 missiles launched towards the Green Line.

Palestinian attack: Northern Gaza – evening, 1 missile launched towards the Green Line.

Palestinian attack: Khan Yunis – evening, 1 missile launched towards the Green Line.

Air strikes – injuries: Gaza – 02:30, four people were injured in Israeli air strikes on the Al Tufah district of Gaza City.

Air strikes: Central Gaza – evening, Israeli air strikes hit an area north-west of the Nasriyat refugee camp.

Israeli attack – economic sabotage: Northern Gaza – 05:30, Israeli gunboats opened fire on Palestinian fishing vessels off Beit Lahiya.

Israeli attack – economic sabotage: Rafah – evening, the Israeli Navy opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats off the city.

Home invasion – beating: Jerusalem – Israeli soldiers invaded a house in the Wadi Al Jouz neighbourhood and assaulted a resident, Yasser Munir.

Home invasions and theft: Jenin – 23:30-02:20, Israeli troops raided the city, invaded the homes of two Parliamentary deputies, an office, and made off with a computer.

Home invasions – beating – hospitalisation: Qalqilya – 18:35, Israeli troops raided Azzun for two hours, setting up two flying checkpoints at the southern entrance and in the centre, and invading several homes and shops. One person, Malik Haniya, was beaten up and hospitalised by Occupation troops.

Home invasion and occupation: Hebron – 11:05, Israeli soldiers occupied a house, taking over the roof as a sniper post.

Home invasion and occupation: Hebron – 12:30, Israeli forces occupied the roof of a house near the village of Khursa for use as a military post.

Raid – abductions: Ramallah – Israeli troops raided Deir Abu Mash’al and abducted two 17-year-old youths: Zuhdi Hiriz and Oday Baraghtha.

Raid: Nablus – 15:10, Occupation troops raided Asira Al Qibliya and fired tear gas grenades at residents.

Raid: Nablus – 23:10-04:10, Israeli forces, accompanying Occupation settlers, raided the city for five hours.

Raid – agricultural sabotage – water crimes: Hebron – 11:30, the Israeli Army raided Al Thala and Al Tuwani villages, destroyed two farm buildings and two wells, and bulldozed crops.

Beating: Hebron – 19:00 Israeli troops in the Old City took prisoner and beat up a Palestinian preventive security officer, Atef Abu Sneineh.

Abductions: Ramallah – evening, Israeli soldiers in Bil’in village abducted three 16-year-old boys: Mahmoud Abu Rahma, Samih Khatib and Basil Khatib.

Occupation settler agricultural sabotage: Ramallah – 11:25, Zionist militants raided a farm between Turmus'ayya and Al Mughir village, cutting down the branches of olive trees and plundering several of them.

Occupation settler racist arson attack: Qalqilya – 03:00, an Israeli mob raided Al Nabi Eliyas village, set fire to a vehicle and scrawled racist insults on walls.

Occupation settler agricultural sabotage: Nablus – 14:45, Israeli Occupation militants raided Madma village and destroyed several olive trees.

Non-violent resistance – tear gas casualties: Ramallah – 11:20, 13 protesters, including family members of a detainee, were overcome by tear gas during an assault by Israeli Occupation forces near the entrance to the Ofer prison.

Recent news updates:

Nablus village defies Israel's Supreme Court interference with the operation of its mosque. Village Council head Ali Eid said the village is waiting for instructions from the Nablus governor, who is following up the case. Burin is encircled by Jewish-only settlements and settler outposts, which have stolen 37.5% of the villagers' land.

A plea to the world from the principal of a Palestinian school about to be demolished. In November we reported with joy about the new school structure at Susiya (Susya). (see also an earlier report here). Only a few weeks later, the Occupation regime’s fraudulently named “Civil Administration” handed down demolition orders against the school. In a rare direct expression of an Occupied Palestinian voice in the Israeli printed press, the school’s prinicipal Muhammad A-Nawwajeh published an editorial in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper about the demolition order on his school. Unlike most of Haaretz op-eds, this article, What Will You Tell My Students? by Muhammad Jaber Hamed A-Nawwajeh was apparently not translated for the newspaper’s English site. We provide a translation in English at the following URL:

Red Crescent expresses concern over Israel's targeting of its teams. The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) on Wednesday expressed the uttermost concern over the Israeli Occupation targeting of its medical teams that prevents them pursuing their humanitarian duties. PRCS condemned Israel for targeting an ambulance with the firing of rubber-coated bullets during a sit-in protest outside the Ofer military camp. The PRCS also condemned Israeli forces for attacking another ambulance while it was transferring a journalist hurt in the Al-Issawiya district of East Jerusalem on Tuesday night.
Israeli Army targets photo-journalists. International press advocacy group Reporters Without Borders on Tuesday accused the Israeli military of deliberately targeting news photographers covering Palestinian protests in the Occupied West Bank. The press freedom organisation deplored “the total impunity enjoyed by the soldiers responsible for these abuses."
Report: Last five years has seen a 315% rise in settler violence. This violence is 'structural and symptomatic of occupation' / Adam Horowitz / Yesterday, the Palestine Centre released "When Settlers Attack," a new report on settler violence in the occupied territories. It is the result of of a two-year project which catalogued over 3700 instances of settler violence from 2004-2011 ... From 2010 to 2011 there was a 39% increase in incidents of Israeli Settler violence. In the five year period from 2007 to 2011 there has been a 315% increase. Conversely, over the same five-year period, there has been a 95% decrease in Palestinian violence in the West Bank.
Israeli forces destroy the only place for children in Silwan. Palestinians living in Silwan and other areas of Occupied East Jerusalem are facing increased attacks from the Israeli authorities and Israeli settlers. Life for these Palestinian families is now complicated by endless legal battles and fear of the future. Simple things like living in their homes, sending their children to school and creating spaces for kids to play can’t be taken for granted as homes are given over to Israeli settlers or threatened with demolition, as children as young as six are picked up by Israeli police for interrogation, and as community centres are destroyed. Jawad Siyam, director of the Madaa Creative Centre in Silwan that runs the cultural café and the sports field directly in front of the café, lamented: “this was the only place in the area to meet, to sit together. It was the only place for children in Silwan.” Though Palestinians in Occupied East Jerusalem pay taxes to the Israeli-run Jerusalem municipality, the authority does not provide services like public parks and community centres so the local communities have to create their own.
Despite domestic cuts, proposed US budget increases aid to Israel up by $25 million. Last year, the US government gave $3.075 billion in unrestricted aid to Israel and this year’s proposed budget includes $3.1 billion. This is aid given in addition to around $3 billion in loan guarantees which, unlike other loans, do not have to be paid back.



From Mazin Qumsiyeh
We had a really bad day today. Nine Palestinian very young children were killed and 40 other kindergarten children injured (some severely) in one horrific fiery traffic accident today and another child was killed in a separate traffic accident. The day started with me breaking a glass and then having to talk to a lawyer about a notice I just received to go to military court on 1 April (more on this later as it becomes clear what I will be charged with). Then I am rushing to do interview live on an international TV station, then driving to Ramallah for an important meeting and then to my afternoon classes at Birzeit University. Well, I never made it to the Ramallah meeting because the road was blocked for this horrific accident; an Israeli licensed trailer truck (driven by an Israeli Arab
citizen) carrying fuel hit the Palestinian bus carrying children on a trip head-on and the bus turned over and burst in flames (the bus burned not the trailer!) This happened near the Palestinian village of Hizma and the villagers rushed to save the children. The Israeli cars could double back and go through the wall on the Israeli-only roads. We in the Palestinian cars had to wait as ambulance after ambulance took the dead and injured away. Below are links to picture and video (some of the video was rightly blurred so that the disturbing images of burned children are not seen). A person also sent me a link to Facebook pages in Hebrew where some sick Israelis thank God these were Palestinian children (also see below). But I also saw very kind comments by Israelis on the liberal Haaretz (though this also has anonymous ugly comments some could be misrepresenting who they are or trying to create division). This made me really angry that a tragedy that saddened so many decent people (Jews, Christians, Muslims etc.) is used in ugly fashions.

Forgetting about my own personal troubles, I thus started to think based on the issue of compassion and dignity more. A story like this should generate compassion and it certainly helps us identify decent human beings (like the Israelis and Palestinians of all religions who helped save the lives of so many children). But why did so many ignore it or feel no compassion because it is not their children or belong to their self-identified (fictional) group. A 33-year-old Palestinian, Khader Adnan, is on his 61 days of hunger strike (because he is held without charge in so-called administrative detention by Israel). How many will care if he dies or care now about him? Regardless of his background, isn't he someone's husband, someone's father, someone's son, someone's uncle? Below is a letter from a friend about Khader Adnan's situation. These and other stories that break our hearts do not seem to elicit even a blip of compassion and care from millions who may tangentially hear about these things. Some people say there is "compassion fatigue" among some of us but I disagree. I believe once you have true compassion for fellow human beings you can never tire of it; compassion here is defined as compassion for all human beings, not selected members of your "tribe", "nation", "religion" or other concocted group identity (to me this is the opposite of compassion).

Eleven years ago (4 June 2001), I published this letter in Haaretz titled "Sincere condolences" about another tragedy which is relevant here:
*"Upon hearing the news of the wedding party turned to tragedy by collapse of the building in Jerusalem, my shock and sadness were intense. It only got worse and turned to tears when I later saw the video footage and read about the alleged construction problems. The video footage reminded me of the footage of my sister's wedding. I was touched by the ordinariness and beauty of this event and then the tragedy that ensued. I grieve for the victims and my thoughts and prayers are with the families and with you all. Please accept my sincerest and humble condolences. I am a Palestinian American who works for human rights, including the Palestinian refugees' right to return to their homes and lands. I believe that all people of Israel/Palestine must and will eventually live in one democratic and secular state with a constitution that protects all its citizens and treats them equally. We are so similar and it is a shame that political ideas (Zionism and other forms of nationalism) divided us.

In 1967, as a ten-year old child in Beit Sahur, I witnessed something that still touches me to this day - a reunion between my grandfather and his Jewish best friend from high school. Two old folks who had not seen each other between 1948 and 1967. Two old folks who cried like children. Both are gone now. I thought of this, and how much I miss the wisdom of my grandfather as I saw the recent events and the tragedies and the victims of violence in our homeland. My grandfather wrote to me in 1974 that if he was to give me one piece of advice for the future it would be to realise that the world changes and that we have to remove our own shackles, which come to us from society and culture. It is time we started thinking and reflecting carefully on the futility of separation, nationalism and militarism. It is time to insist on and teach ourselves to live together in equality and humanity. If the Berlin Wall tumbled, Apartheid in South Africa was dismantled, and Europe is unifying, why can't we do the same? Imagine if the billions of dollars we spend on weapons were spent to better our economies, desalinate sea water, develop closer relationships and friendships, and provide therapy for the over 17,000 injured in the recent violence. In the midst of our tragedies, let us work together for a better world.

Mazin B. Qumsiyeh, Ph.D.*

The accident Photos here:
Video here
The article and image of the Facebook pages of the Israelis grateful these are Palestinian Children (scroll down past the French) But see above for my comments.
By contrast see comments under this story from the liberal, left leaning Haaretz

Below is a letter from a friend about Khader Adnan's situation
*"I haven't been posting about Khader Adnan, a Palestinian political
prisoner who entered his 59th! day of hunger strike today, because, to my shame, I felt overwhelmed, and I had no idea how to stir any reaction in you, how to make you understand that a man is dying, how outrageous this is. It felt so insufficient to just keep writing some emails that you'll probably not read, although I receive emails and posts about him several times a day. How do we make the reality of the immense abuse, murder, massacres etc. of people in our area in any way clear to so many who have been told for too long that this has nothing to do with them, that this is unfortunate", that "these things happen". If they happened to your brother, you would scream in outrage but somehow, there is this wrong feeling that these things won't happen to "us" - a feeling that is based on very shitty perception of all the victims of these crimes as somehow
"others" - they are not us. We can't identify. And I can't help but write that any such feeling of "this has nothing to do with us" - to the reality that if it did happen to any of "us", you WOULD feel outrage - is possible because there is somewhere the notion that your rights don't apply to "them", or maybe, they are less than, less human, or maybe they have done SOMEthing to deserve it? Because how can these things happen. I am sorry that I am attacking you, my friends and family, in this condescending and presumptuous way. I am despairing, I don't know how to make you react - forget react, for one moment, how to make you REALISE,
ACKNOWLEDGE, FEEL - any more. But here I am trying again, though in this pretty cynical way: Khader Adnan is entering his 59th day of hunger strike to protest his "administrative detention" (meaning they imprison him without even charging him with anything, without the prospect of a trial and the possibility to defend himself, without letting even his lawyer know WHY they are holding him, etc.) and the outrageous treatment he received at the hands of the Israeli military/security/police etc. forces (torture, denial of rights, humiliation, etc.)

If you don't know what 59 days of hunger strike mean - I am afraid every day to read he has finally died. He is in hospital, chained to his bed, still denied all kinds of rights. And yesterday, an Israeli court - after having POSTPONED the hearing of his lawyer's appeal to a decision that he will stay in administrative detention until May 8 - decided that in spite of his condition, HE WILL REMAIN IMPRISONED UNTIL MAY 8. THIS IS A DEATH SENTENCE. Since day 45 of his hunger strike, Adnan could die any moment. The judge furthermore argued that it is ADNAN WHO IS TO BLAME FOR HIS SITUATION."*

Mazin Qumsiyeh

Striving to stay human

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