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While the Occupation is business as usual for Israel, there should be no business with Israel

In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

24 hours to 8am 28 February 2012

Main source of statistics: Palestinian Monitoring Group (PMG)

Khan Yunis: Israeli troops equipped with bulldozers shoot their way onto farms

Israeli Army position behind Green Line opens fire on Khan Yunis farms

Israeli Army demolishes 2 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers abduct a 13-year-old boy and two 17-year-old youths

Names of abducted minors (aged 11 to 17) this year now exceeds 100

Occupation settlers steal Palestinian goats and attempt to extort payment for their return

Night peace disruption and/or home invasions in 2 refugee camps and 10 towns and villages

5 attacks – 28 raids including home invasions – 1 injured

6 acts of agricultural/economic sabotage – 12 taken prisoner – 12 detained – 112 restrictions of movement

Home invasions & occupations: 01:10-5:30, Jenin - 01:10-5:30, the Jenin refugee camp - 00:50, Deir Al-Ghusoun - 17:15, Azzun Atma - 08:00, Ithna - 17:35, Burin.

Peace disruption raids: 15:25, Jit - 20:25, Yabrud - 12:45, Iraq Burin - 16:35, Iraq Burin - 17:35, Iraq Burin - Yasuf -11:20, Janba - 05:30, Halhul - the Al-Arrub refugee camp - 02:00, Ramallah - 02:00, Beitunya - 00:10, Arraba - 16:00, Tulkarem - 16:20, Kafr Jamal - 00:15, Allar - 01:00, the Nur Shams refugee camp - 17:15, Azzun - 04:30, Qalqilya - 10:45, Beita - 23:25, Beit Furik - 14:15, Dura - 23:00-04:50, Hebron - dawn, the Al-Arrub refugee camp.

Palestinian attacks: none

Israeli attack – incursion – agricultural sabotage: Khan Yunis – morning, Israeli forces equipped with bulldozers shot their way onto farms in the east of Al-Qarara.

Israeli attack – agricultural sabotage: Khan Yunis – morning, an Israeli Army position behind the Green Line opened fire on Khan Yunis farms.

Israeli attack – tear gas casualties: Jerusalem – 16:55, Israeli forces at the northern entrance to Al-Ram fired rubber-coated bullets and tear gas grenades at residents. Several people were overcome by Israeli tear gas.

Israeli attack: Jerusalem – evening, Israeli forces at the entrance to Al-Issawiya village fired rubber-coated bullets and tear gas grenades at residents.

Israeli attack: Qalqilya – 15:25, the Israeli Army raided Jit village, firing stun and tear gas grenades at residents.

Home invasion: Tulkarem – 00:50, Israeli troops raided Deir Al-Ghusoun, smashed their way into a home and took prisoner a resident.

House demolitions: Jerusalem – evening, the Israeli Army demolished two houses in Jaba village.

Raid: Ramallah – 02:00, the Israeli Army raided the city and Beitunya, took prisoner two university students and photographed several buildings.

Raid: Tulkarem – 16:00, the Israeli Army invaded the Al-Shuweikh neighbourhood and raided an internet café.

Raid – abductions: Hebron – dawn, the Israeli Army raided the Al-Arrub refugee camp and abducted two 17-year-old youths: Radwan Al-Ttity and Sayel Jawabra.

Occupation settler violence - kidnapping: Ramallah – 20:25, a settler gang kidnapped three residents of Yabrud village, and delivered them to the Israeli Army.

Occupation settler agricultural sabotage: Qalqilya – 15:00, Zionist militants, supported by Israeli troops, raided agricultural land in Fara'ata.

Occupation settler attempted theft: Nablus – 12:45 and again at 16:35, a gang of settler militants raided Iraq Burin and attempted to steal goats. Israeli forces fired tear gas grenades in support of the settlers as they made their escape.

Occupation settler home invasion – agricultural sabotage: Nablus – 17:35, Zionist fanatics, aided by Israeli Occupation forces, raided Burin, attacked a villager's home and cut down several olive trees.

Occupation settler violence – agricultural sabotage: Salfit – a gang of settlers uprooted ten olive trees in Yasuf village.

Occupation settler theft – extortion – economic sabotage: Hebron – 11:20, Zionist thieves raided Janba, south-east of Yatta, stole several goats and forced the owner to pay the equivalent of approximately US$1860 for their return.

Occupation settler violation: Hebron – 05:30, a gang of Israelis, escorted by Occupation troops, raided the Al-Nabi Yunis area in Halhul and prayed near the Al-Nabi Yunis Mosque.

Abduction: Correction – one name, Sidqi Abu Al-Saud (17), was missing in yesterday's report of Israeli Army abductions of minors in Kafr Qalil.

Abduction: Hebron – 22:30, Israeli soldiers abducted a 13-year-old boy, Muhanad Al-Bakri, near the Old City Al-Ibrahimi Mosque. Note: the number of abductions of Palestinian minors whose names have been reported in this year's In Occupied Palestine now exceeds 100. That is more than 50 minors abducted by Israeli soldiers each month. The breakdown by age is as follows: (Age 11 = 1) (Age 13 = 3) (Age 14 = 6) (Age 15 = 23) (Age 16 = 21) (Age 17 = 50).

Recent news updates:

BDS success: Washington Judge throws out Israel-backed lawsuit against Olympia Food Co-op, upholds right to boycott.

Must see video: Activists create Shuhada Street in Covent Garden.

Historical Palestine – Muslims, Christians and Jews living in harmony.!

Israeli government confirms plan for segregated settler railway. On Monday, Israeli officials announced their intention to construct a segregated rail network for Israeli settlers.


Green Party of England and Wales members vote in support of revoking charity status for the Jewish National Fund (JNF)

The Jewish National Fund (JNF), a British charity implicated in human rights violations in Israel, received yet another blow when Green Party of England and Wales members voted overwhelmingly to support an international call for action against JNF practices in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and to revoke its charity status in the UK. Green Party member, Deborah Fink, who is co-founder of Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, moved the motion on Sunday. She alerted the conference to “JNF greenwash” and said that “the Green Party stands for environmental and social justice, the upholding of human rights, is against racism and is officially in solidarity with the Palestinian people who have called for this campaign. The JNF is a major impediment to realisation of Green Party policy on the Middle East, therefore the JNF should be condemned. As a charity, the JNF gets tax advantages, so through our taxes, we are subsidising injustice.” The motion passed with no one speaking in opposition and only three people voting against.

The Green Party endorsement of the Stop the JNF Campaigns comes after similar motions were passed last year by the Scottish Green Party and Scottish Friends of the Earth, all repudiating the JNF’s claim to be an “environmental charity”. The JNF is known for establishing forests and parks over the remains of destroyed Palestinian villages. Last year the JNF lost high level political protection when David Cameron resigned as Honorary Patron, the first time in its 111-year history the serving British Prime Minister does not hold this position. Equally unprecedentedly, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg declined the JNF’s request to become Patrons when they became leaders of their parties. Terry Gallogly, Green Party member and an organiser of the Stop the JNF Campaign in the UK, welcomed the decision this weekend,

Our government has stood by for over sixty years doing nothing, or directly complicit in Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights. The JNF is a key tool of Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing, operating as a para-statal organisation with powers over land administration. “This decision, along with similar positions already taken by civil society organisations such as the Iona Community and trade unions, is a message to the JNF that their days are numbered – we won’t tolerate their abuse of charity status in the UK to fund a system of land theft and racism against Palestinians.” Campaigners believe that another sign of the JNF’s increasing difficulty is the sixty-four MPs who have signed an Early Day Motion, stating there is just cause to consider the revocation of the JNF's charitable status.


The Jewish National Fund was established in 1901 by the World Zionist Organisation and mandated to obtain land for the sole use of persons of ‘Jewish faith, race or ancestry’. It was first registered in the UK, and has retained a fundraising and propaganda function in Britain since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948. Through its landholdings and its influence on the Israel Land Authority, the JNF controls 93% of the land in Israel on which it practices its ethnic exclusion policies. The JNF continues to serve as a global fundraiser for Israeli ethnic cleansing, occupation and apartheid. Despite its role in a State institution of Israel (the Israel Land Authority) and in institutionalised racism and apartheid, the JNF and its affiliate organisations enjoy charitable status in over 50 countries.

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A Visitor from Jerusalem:

24 February – 13 March 2012

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand is pleased to host the Secretary General of Caritas Jerusalem, Claudette Habesch, for a visit to New Zealand. Public events are being organised for Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North and Christchurch. Caritas Jerusalem is the humanitarian and development organisation for the Catholic Church in the Holy Land, based in Jerusalem. It was founded in the aftermath of the Six-Day War in 1967, and Claudette Habesch has led it since 1987. She has played a leading role in the Caritas Internationalis confederation of 168 Catholic agencies working for justice, peace and development. From 1999 to 2007 she was President of Caritas’ Middle-East and Northern Africa region (Caritas MONA) and Vice-President of Caritas Internationalis. A passionate defender of Palestinians’ rights and peace in the region, she is a member of the Committee for Christian Affairs of the Palestinian Authority (PA), and of the Islamic-Christian Commission funded by the PA to support Jerusalem and the Holy Sites. She has been active since 1992 in the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) and in the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees. She also participates in the inter-religious activities of Rabbis for Human Rights.

Public Events

Claudette Habesch will be participating in a number of public events around New Zealand. Liturgies ‘for the Peace of Jerusalem’, including an address by her. will be held in Wellington, Palmerston North and Auckland Cathedrals. Public meetings will also be held in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland with the title, 'Healing and Hope for Palestine'. Claudette Habesch will speak on how Caritas Jerusalem works to bring healing, hope and dignity to people living in the Occupied Palestinian territories. She will also address efforts to achieve a just peace for all people living in Israel/Palestine.


Sunday, 26 February, 4pm: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hill St, Wellington. ‘Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem’ – liturgy including address by Claudette Habesch

Wednesday, 29 February, 5.30-7pm: Wellington City Library community room, 65 Victoria St, Wellington. Public meeting: 'Healing and Hope for Palestine'.

Thursday, 1 March:

12 noon – 1pm: Knox Church, 28 Bealey Avenue, Christchurch (in association with Christian World Service). Public meeting: 'Healing and Hope for Palestine'.

7:30pm: St Matthew’s Church, 108 Jeffreys Rd, Strowan, Christchurch (in association with Justice and Peace Group of Bryndwr Catholic Parish). Public meeting: 'Healing and Hope for Palestine'. Tea and coffee to follow.

Palmerston North:
Sunday, 4 March, 3pm: Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, 197 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North. ‘Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem’ – liturgy including address by Claudette Habesch.

Monday, 5 March: Pilgrimage to Hiruharama/Jerusalem on the Whanganui River. Contact Martin de Jong or Lisa Beech at Caritas 04 496 1742 or 0800 22 10 22.


Wednesday, 7 March, 7.30 pm: ‘A Just Peace for the Holy Land?’ Selwyn Library, 8 St Stephens Ave, Parnell. Talk Two in a series of four on ‘Injustice in Our Time: A Faith Response’. Jointly sponsored by the Catholic and Anglican Cathedral parishes of Auckland.

Thursday, 8 March, 5.30-7pm: St Columba’s Centre, 40 Vermont St, Ponsonby. Public meeting: 'Healing and Hope for Palestine'.

Sunday, 11 March, 5.45pm-6.45pm: St Patrick’s Cathedral, Wyndham St, Auckland. ‘Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem’ – liturgy including address by Claudette Habesch. Tea/coffee to follow in Liston Hall.

Martin de Jong

Communications & International Advocacy Coordinator

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand

PO Box 12193, Wellington 6144

+64 4 496 1782; +64 21 909 688


Palestinian Resistance

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Behind the Wall

Rich Wiles is a photographic artist who has been living and working in Palestine for some years. His photographic work has been shown around Europe, the US, Australia and in Palestine itself. Since 2006 he has been writing from Occupied Palestine under the title Behind the Wall. Much of this work is based in and around the refugee camps in Palestine, highlighting daily life and memories of refugees who still live in forced exile for over 60 years since Al Nakba (The Catastrophe).


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Stop the Violence Coalition

Stop the Violence is a coalition aimed at fighting against Israeli violence and crimes all over the world. The purpose of the coalition is to co-ordinate the efforts of groups and individuals working to protest against the historic and continuing oppression of Palestinian people by the Israeli regime. Our coalition is an independent and non-profit organisation, based in Europe, which was formed as part of a global movement against Israeli apartheid. We can also provide the latest news, articles, photos, events and petitions.

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Palestine Human Rights Campaign Aotearoa/New Zealand (PHRC)


We believe that a just peace in Palestine/Israel depends upon the return of Palestinian refugees to their homeland and the dismantling of the Zionist structure of the state of Israel, recognising that the further partitioning of Palestine in order to create the so-called two-state solution would lead only to further injustice and suffering.

We advocate the primacy of international law, the acceptance of which by the Israeli regime must be the basis for the ending of Israeli military occupation and all forms of ethnic discrimination.

We work to raise awareness of the international community's responsibility for upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the urgent need for the state of Israel to be called to account for its gross abuses of Palestinian human rights.

We call for the establishment of a unitary, secular and democratic state in Palestine/Israel, with full and equal citizenship rights for Palestinians, Israeli Jews and all other ethnic communities.

The Palestine Human Rights Campaign Aotearoa/New Zealand (PHRC) works to raise public awareness of the Palestinian people's struggle to resist Israeli military occupation and Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip. PHRC seeks to bring pressure on the New Zealand Government to join the majority of the international community in requiring Israel to:

  • observe all relevant UN Resolutions and Geneva conventions

  • cease ethnic discrimination and territorial annexation

  • abandon its militarism and violence