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While the Occupation is business as usual for Israel, there should be no business with Israel

In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

(Compiled by Leslie Bravery, Palestine Human Rights Campaign POB 56150, Dominion Rd, Auckland, New Zealand

48 hours to 8am 24 March 2012 [Main source of statistics: Palestinian Monitoring Group (PMG).] NB: The PMG have not issued any statistical news so far for 21 and 22 March.

Armed Occupation settler robbery and terrorism

Abandoned Israeli Army ordnance injures Palestinian farmer

3 visiting diplomats experience Israeli Army anti-protest violence

Israeli Army stun grenade attack on wedding party bus

1:40am home invasion: Israeli soldiers abduct youth (17)

Occupation troops fire stun grenades at young people in West Bank village

Night peace disruption and/or home invasions in 1 refugee camp and 7 towns and villages

2 attacks – 38 raids including home invasions – 5 beaten – 9 injured – agricultural sabotage – 9 taken prisoner – 26 detained – 113 restrictions of movement

March 23 & 24

Home invasions & occupations: 01:40, the Al-Urub refugee camp. 01:00, Al-Nabi Saleh.

Peace disruption raids: 19:00, Yabrud - 11:05, Al-Fanduqiya - 11:45, Silat Al-Thaher - 15:55, Zubaba - 16:00, Ya'bod - 09:40, Tulkarem - 13:00, Sabastiya - 18:35, Al-Khadr - 23:00, Husan - dawn, Beit Ummar - 19:00, Yabrud. 13:00, Silwad - 13:30, Zabuba - 18:00, Deir Abu Daif - 01:15-03:55, Tamun - 01:40, Tayasir - 09:00, Qalqilya - 20:55-01:35, Kafr Qaddum - 16:40, Beita - morning, Ni'lin - 12:00, Al-Masara - midnight-02:20, Al-Ibadiya - 00:50, Hebron - 15:00, Dura - 16:55, Al-Sammou - 17:50, Halhul.

March 23

Palestinian attacks: none

Home invasions and abduction: Hebron – 01:40, Israeli soldiers raided the Al-Urub refugee camp, invaded several homes and abducted a 17-year-old youth, Abdo Al-Bdawi.

Raid: Jenin – 15:55, Occupation troops raided Zubaba village, firing stun grenades at young people.

Raid – destruction orders: Bethlehem – 23:00, the Israeli Army raided Husan village and issued demolition orders on a car-wash facility, an auto repair shop and a farm building.

Raid: Bethlehem – 19:00, the Israeli Army raided Yabrud village and detained five minors.

Non-violent resistance – tear gas casualties: Ramallah – 12:00, several people were overcome by Israeli tear gas during an assault on peaceful protesters in front of Ofar Prison.

Occupation road casualty: Nablus – 13:50, an Israeli settler vehicle on the main Nablus-Ramallah road ran over and hospitalised a Palestinian man, Ahmad Abdel-Rahim.

March 24

Palestinian attacks: none

Israeli attack - injury: Jerusalem – 14:00, Mahmoud Hoshiya was admitted to hospital after being physically assaulted by Israeli troops as they shot their way into Qattana village.

Israeli attack: Qalqilya – 20:50, Israeli forces positioned near an annexation Wall gate opened fire on several residents.

Injury: Nablus – 09:50, a resident of Furit village, Mohammad Azam, was injured when abandoned Israeli Army ordnance exploded on Palestinian farmland near the Shilo Occupation settlement.

Armed Occupation settler robbery and terrorism: Jenin – 14:15, armed Israeli terrorists assaulted a Palestinian man, Ahmad Khalayla, and members of his family, smashed the windscreen of the man's vehicle, and at gunpoint robbed them of a mobile phone, cash, an identification card and a wallet.

Occupation settler agricultural sabotage: Salfit – 11:00, an Israeli mob raided farmland in Wadi Qana and forced Palestinian farmers off the land.

Raid: Qalqilya – 20:55-01:35, the Israeli Army raided Kafr Qaddum and, firing stun grenades, attacked and a searched a bus carrying a wedding party.

Non-violent resistance – injuries and tear gas casualties: Qalqilya – 12:40, two people, Alaa Jumaa and Ahmad Ishteiwi, were injured in an Israeli Army stun and tear gas grenades assault on a peaceful protest in Kafr Qaddum. Tear gas casualties included the Consules-General of Venezuela, South Africa and Portugal. Two people were taken prisoner, including one of those injured in the Israeli violence.

Non-violent resistance: Ramallah – 12:35, several people were overcome by Israeli tear gas during an assault by Occupation troops on anti-annexation Wall protesters in Bil’in.

Non-violent resistance – tear gas casualties: Ramallah – 12:40, several people were overcome by Israeli tear gas during an assault by Occupation troops on anti-annexation Wall protesters in Ni’lin.

Non-violent resistance – tear gas casualties: Ramallah – 12:40, an Israeli Army assault on anti-annexation Wall protesters in Al-Nabi Saleh caused several tear gas casualties, including two youngsters: Iz Al-Din Al- Tamimi (15) and Osama Al-Tamimi (16).

Non-violent resistance – injuries: Bethlehem – 12:35, three people were injured during an assault by Occupation troops on anti-annexation peace activists near Al-Masara.

Recent news updates:

Gaza baby dies as power cut shuts down respirator. The seven-month-old baby died on Friday evening. Gaza medical spokesman, Adham Abu Salmiya, confirmed the cause of death, adding that the infant was born with respiratory problems and doctors had recommended the use of mechanical breathing apparatus to be used at home. The father of the child had turned on the apparatus before going to sleep but during the night a power cut caused it to switch off, resulting in the infant's death.The child was the "first victim of the current power crisis in Gaza," Abu Salmiya said, warning that the medical sector in the coastal enclave is in jeopardy. Recent fuel shortages have had a catastrophic effect on daily life in the Gaza Strip, with people facing daily power cuts of up to 18 hours a day.

Settlers shoot and injure Burka villager.,7340,L-4207106,00.html

No, Islam is not the problem – Israel, endless wars and injustice are the problem. By Laura Stuart – 24 March 2012 / This week a friend said to me, “Their blood is so precious”. Of course she meant the biggest news story of the week, the shooting of the Jewish children and a Rabbi in France. Whilst I absolutely condemn the murder of innocent civilians and especially children, I and my fellow Muslims would like to know why the continuous murder of children in Palestine, Afghanistan Pakistan or Yemen goes on with hardly a mention in the international media? It seems clear to us that the blood of Jewish children is just more precious to the world. The children of Muslims are just statistics, barely worth a mention as just victims of yet another drone attack, or as victims of Israel’s continuous attacks on the beleaguered citizens of Gaza. The pro-Israel lobbies and media have dehumanised Muslims, their deaths are mere statistics – and always without names. See full article at:

UK anti-Islam group to form 'Freedom' Party. English Defence League gained international attention last July after Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian who killed 77 people in what he said was an international mission to counter Islam, claimed to have had contact with the group's members and leaders.

Young Palestinians act out their struggle on another stage. A year ago the Israeli-born director of a tiny theatre in a West Bank refugee camp was gunned down. Now young Palestinians are fighting to save the place where they can voice their anger, frustration and dreams in creative ways.

Israeli ministers to call for sanctions against PA over UN settlement probe. Israeli government ministers will meet to discuss sanctions against the Palestinian Authority after UN Human Rights Council agreed to investigate Israeli settlements.

US defends vote against Palestinian rights. The United States has defended its vote against a recent UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution ordering a first probe into the impact of illegal Israeli settlements on the rights of Palestinians.

Israeli shell injures two Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip. A hitherto unexploded Israeli shell blew up in the Gaza Strip, injuring two Palestinian children.

Neturei Karta on the Global March for Jerusalem.!


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