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While Occupation and blockade are business as usual for Israel, there should be no business with Israel

In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

(Compiled by Leslie Bravery, Palestine Human Rights Campaign POB 56150, Dominion Rd, Auckland, New Zealand

Israeli soldiers fearlessly pursue two-year-old child!

Our Woman in Gaza

Recent news updates:

Our Woman in Gaza: intends to be on the ground, informing the world day in and day out, good news and bad, of what is happening in Gaza, not through the lens of jaded western journalists with an agenda, but through the words of Gazans themselves. I am currently in Gaza setting up this project, to make this happen. But it can only happen with your support. In the initial phases of this project the costs will be relatively minimal thanks to the free hosting and publication support being provided by” See article below.

BBC attempts to block complaints. The BBC has put forward proposals which could, potentially, block supporters of Palestine from making complaints about its coverage of the Occupation. The proposals are contained in a consultation document - you can take part in the consultation and express your views about these proposals here: and read more about the proposals on our website URGENT - the consultation ends on Monday, 16 April.

Israeli soldiers pursue and confront two-year-old child.

Jewish Voice for Peace: In a few weeks, the United Methodist Church will make a crucial vote on whether to divest from companies that profit from the Israeli Occupation. A few months later, the Presbyterian Church-USA will vote on the same issue as well. These churches, and the people of faith behind these initiatives, are already being viciously attacked for saying what many of us have been saying all along: That the Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem must go and that the Israeli Occupation must end because a true foundation for peace between Israelis and Palestinians can only be based on justice and equality for all. They are taking a stand, with their own resources fuelled by their faith—and so must we. That is why a number of rabbis from Jewish Voice for Peace's Rabbinical Council got together and wrote an open letter—and we even made a video—expressing our support for these churches. Please take a moment to watch it! We believe that investing in companies that profit from the Israeli occupation furthers injustice, reduces the chances for peace, and is contrary to the Jewish values we hold dear. We take on the challenges raised by the churches' initiatives to stand up for those core values. This is what I have learned about the companies the churches are addressing with their proposed actions: Caterpillar profits from the destruction of Palestinian homes and the uprooting of Palestinian orchards by supplying the armour-plated and weaponised bulldozers that are used for such demolition work. Destroying homes is not a Jewish value.

Motorola Solutions profits from many aspects of the Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including developing perimeter surveillance systems installed around dozens of Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank, built on Palestinian land.

Defending stolen property is not a Jewish value.

Hewlett-Packard provides support and maintenance to a biometric ID system installed in Israeli checkpoints in the Occupied West Bank, which deprive Palestinians of the freedom of movement in their own land and allows the Israeli military Occupation to grant or deny special privileges to the civilians under its control.

Discrimination is not a Jewish value. The Jewish values we hold dear will be in evidence tomorrow, as we sit down at the Passover Seder table and recount our story of slavery and deliverance. We will remember our bondage, an experience we do not wish upon ourselves or others. We believe in freedom/herut for all. And we stand together with others who share the same belief. We hope you will too.
Happy Passover, Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton
Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council

Uprooting 30,000 Bedouin in Israel. Neve Gordon - Aljazeera - "It is not every day that a government decides to relocate almost half a per cent of its population in a programme of forced urbanisation," Rawia Aburabia asserted, adding that "this is precisely what Prawer Ehud Prawer, (the Director of Binyamin Netanyahu`s Planning Policy Division) wants to do."

Sponsor a Young Palestinian Artist. Dear friends, In 2008 and 2010, Lajee Center implemented its first UK Arts and Culture Tours. Both of these projects attracted around 3000 people to a range of public and participatory events including Dabka performances, photographic exhibitions, film screenings, and collaborative workshops with British children. These projects demonstrated the true potential of Palestinian arts and culture, initiated by Palestine's new generations, as forms of communication, self-expression, and resistance. Following on from these successes, 2012 will see the third UK tour, which will again feature young refugees performing a range of Palestinian cultural productions. The tour will begin in Scotland and then head south to cities across the north of England before again culminating with a collective Palestinian Cultural show in London. The tour group will include young dancers and artists aged between 14-21 years old, and Lajee staff members. The duration will be approximately 16 days beginning on 9 June 2012.

PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity) # 582, 6 April 2012. Israeli Apartheid Week in Gaza. Members of the Gaza-based Israeli Apartheid Week organising committee worked around the clock on this year’s campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. "Every year it gets better and bigger," said Haidar Eid, an al-Aqsa University English literature professor in Gaza. "This year we have a list of great speakers and activists: Ahdaf Soueif, the author of Map of Love and In the Eye of the Sun, will address the impact of the Egyptian revolution on Palestine. Susan Abulahwa, author of the brilliant Mornings in Jenin, will talk about the meanings of exile in the Palestinian narrative. Lebanese BDS activist and intellectual, Samah Idriss, will deal with the importance of BDS in the Arab world. The United Kingdom-based musician Tariq Shadid [Doc Jazz] will discuss the growing cultural boycott of Israel." Last year's Israeli Apartheid Week included events in 97 cities on six continents. This year, the total is expected to grow, according to Palestinian spoken word artist and London-based activist, Rafeef Ziadah, a member of the international Israeli Apartheid Week co-ordinating committee. Israeli Apartheid Week began less auspiciously. "It was a humble effort by a group of students at the University of Toronto and York University," Ziadah recalled. "It was of course attacked right from the start, with many lobbying efforts to get us to change the name to something 'softer.' But the group insisted that it was time to start using the term apartheid, both as a legal definition and also as a way to make the connection with the South African apartheid struggle and its boycott movement." Adapted from Gaza gears up for Israeli Apartheid Week, written by Rana Baker and Joe Catron and printed online by The Electronic Intifada on 1 March 2012. Full text available on line at: Distributed by PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity)

What Marwan Barghouti really means to Palestinians. “Stop marketing the illusion that there is a possibility of ending the Occupation and achieving a state through negotiations after this vision has failed miserably,”


Our Woman in Gaza intends to be on the ground, informing the world day in and day out, good news and bad, of what is happening in Gaza, not through the lens of jaded western journalists with an agenda, but through the words of Gazans themselves. I am currently in Gaza setting up this project, to make this happen. But it can only happen with your support. In the initial phases of this project the costs will be relatively minimal, thanks to the free hosting and publication support being provided by

Letters to the readers from: Scoop Gaza Correspondent Julie Webb Pullman & Scoop Editor Alastair Thompson

Scoop Editor Alastair Thompson:

Dear Scoop Independent News readers, subscribers and guests,

I am delighted this day to announce the launch of a project which is dear to my heart and true to the founding spirit of Scoop – Scoop correspondent Julie Webb-Pullman has been in Gaza for most of the past 12 months giving Scoop’s readers a very rare insight into a city which is generally regarded as among the most dangerous places in the planet. Julie’s path to Gaza was a long one and she spent most of the Arab Spring in Jordan and Egypt waiting patiently for an opportunity to get across the Rafah crossing from Egypt to Gaza. In February after briefly returning home for the New Year she returned to Gaza and began preparations for the launch of – the first phase of what we hope in time will become a comprehensive English and Arabic original news source - Scoop Palestine. The intention of this public interest media project is to shine a light on the reality of living in a besieged city which is continuously under attack from the air.

This project is at the core of Scoop’s reason to be. From’s mission statement: Scoop believes in the power of information to transform lives. It believes in the power of the internet to resolve conflict. And it believes in the power of compelling ideas to propel themselves into political consciousness if they are able to get exposure and be debated. Scoop is, necessarily, a forum that is neither censored through its own prejudices nor controlled by a multinational media conglomerate.

Therefore Scoop's mission is: “To be an agent of positive change.”

And this is what we hope to be in Gaza. Like, will combine original news reporting, pictures and video – supervised by Julie Webb-Pullman on the ground in Gaza – with aggregated original source reports (press releases/reports/statements/speeches/video and images) from other organisations and individuals in Gaza. We will source content from agencies of the Gaza Government, civil society and NGOs with a presence in the city. will also seek out , research and link to other news sources located in Gaza. Through this project we hope to help people understand that this is not a city of 450,000 terrorists, but rather a city of 450,000 ordinary people who wish dearly to be allowed to live in peace. By enabling the world to see inside this city – in near-real time in the English Language – it is our intention to honour and celebrate the humanity of the citizens of Gaza through their own words. This is not a commercial project. However, we do hope it will grow to be self-sustaining over time. This will take time.

For this project to succeed Scoop will need assistance from donors

People who, like us, believe this project is worth a crack. The initial fund- raising budget for the project will go entirely towards covering Julie Webb-Pullman’s living costs in Gaza. Until now Julie has self-financed her presence in Gaza. She has now reached the end of her personal savings. A modest minimum of around US$1000 is needed for this purpose. The overhead of publishing and maintaining the website will be carried by the Scoop team based in our office in Wellington, New Zealand, working with volunteers. Our fund-raising efforts via advertising on the Scoop website will be assisted on the ground in New Zealand by the Wellington Palestine Group. We would welcome assistance in the fund-raising for the this project from anywhere in the world.

We would also be very interested to hear any feedback you have on this new project . To send us feedback, suggestions of sites we should link to, and submissions of press releases related to Gaza for publication, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Yours Sincerely, Alastair Thompson - Editor Scoop Independent News – Wellington, New Zealand



The project needs a minimum of USD$1000 a month to proceed. All donations will be used to cover Julie Webb-Pullman’s living costs in Gaza City.

Donations can be in two ways, via or via

Paypal – By Credit Card – Money Goes Directly To Julie Immediately

Support Our Woman In Gaza Via Paypal:

USD$10 One-off Donation

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USD$1000 One-off Donation

Via – By Credit Card – NOTE: Money will be released to Julie in NZD$600 tranches via the Wellington-based crowd sourced funding platform.

Donate towards covering Julie Webb-Pullman’s Costs In March 2012.


Letter to the readers from Scoop Gaza Correspondent Julie Webb Pullman

Dear Scoop Independent News Readers/Subscribers,

Gaza has been under Israeli blockade since the first intifada in the early 1990s. The blockade has been eased and squeezed ever since. Following the defeat by Hamas of the western-backed Fatah government in democratic elections in 2006 – and the subsequent withdrawal of foreign aid – the blockade intensified. The bloody split between Fatah and Hamas in 2006, when a planned Fatah coup in Gaza was prevented and the Hamas government retained control, saw this intensification become a stranglehold.

Operation Cast Lead, the brutal Israeli offensive of December 2008-January 2009, left Gaza decimated – infrastructure such as electricity plants, water supplies, drainage and sewage systems, roads, schools, and most government buildings, were destroyed along with thousands of homes, businesses – 1500 people died, and thousands more were injured. The situation following Operation Cast Lead has been dire – Israel has refused to permit the entry of materials essential for the reconstruction of homes and other buildings. Essential medicines and medical equipment are not allowed in. Schools are overcrowded and ill-equipped. People are still living in tents, shacks and other unsuitable housing, subject to flooding, cold, and without sanitary facilities.

Palestinians and most foreigners have not been permitted to freely enter or leave, whether to work, study, for medical treatment, or merely to visit relatives or business partners. Electricity is cut for up to 18 hours a day, and recently, for 36 hours on end during the coldest period of the year. Throughout this period, Israel has subjected the entrapped population to ongoing attacks from air, sea and land. Despite claims to the contrary, the siege has not been materially eased by Israel since Operation Cast Lead. While the revolution in Egypt has seen increased entry and exit through the Rafah crossing, it is restricted to women, and men under 18 or over 40 years of age.

Gazans still depend for their survival on tunnels – tunnels that enable some essentials to be brought into the coastal enclave of close to half a million people. These tunnels that are a death sentence for many of those building and working them. Tunnels are regularly bombed by Israel, or shut down by Egyptian authorities, even since the fall of Mubarak. Gazans depend for their survival on the goodwill of the international community, in the form of humanitarian aid convoys bringing essential medicines and suchlike through the blockade. Gazans depend for their survival on the international community being aware of what is going on in Gaza, such that they can do something about it, in the name of justice and humanity.

Gazans depend for their survival on the international media – a media noticeable in Gaza primarily by its absence. One Al Jazeera journalist and one PRESS TV correspondent are permanently stationed inside this territory – the rest of the reportage from Gaza live in the land of the Occupier, crossing the border at the Erez crossing usually after something has happened, to then report on events from yesterday, the day before, or even the week or month before. intends to be on the ground, informing the world day in and day out, good news and bad, of what is happening in Gaza, not through the lens of jaded western journalists with an agenda, but through the words of Gazans themselves. I am currently in Gaza setting up this project, to make this happen. But it can only happen with your support. In the initial phases of this project the costs will be relatively minimal, thanks to the free hosting and publication support being provided by

However, to survive and prosper this project will need ongoing support. So please donate. And if you know of anyone else who ought to know about this project – then please let them know also.

Yours Sincerely, Julie Webb Pullman

Scoop Gaza Correspondent –

Gaza City, Occupied Palestine

PS: A short overview of the history of the Gaza blockade can be found here


Palestinian Resistance

Ali Kazak's newsletter Today in Palestine contains many news summaries that include both armed and non-violent methods of resistance to the Occupation. The newsletter also contains much other useful reporting. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Behind the Wall

Rich Wiles is a photographic artist who has been living and working in Palestine for some years. His photographic work has been shown around Europe, the US, Australia and in Palestine itself. Since 2006 he has been writing from Occupied Palestine under the title Behind the Wall. Much of this work is based in and around the refugee camps in Palestine, highlighting daily life and memories of refugees who still live in forced exile for over 60 years since Al Nakba (The Catastrophe).

Sponsor an artist

In an attempt to raise some of the project costs, Lajee Centre is launching a "Sponsor an Artist" fund raising project. Sponsorship can be made by individuals, organisations, solidarity or faith groups, companies, or any other interested people. The list below provides an idea of sponsorship costs per participant for particular aspects of the project, although donations of any size are greatly appreciated. £80 – UK Visa (for 1 participant) £170 – overland transport from Aida Camp to Amman return + Visa (for 1 participant) £300 – Flight (1 x Amman-London return). £1000 – Total Tour Costs (for 1 participant) If you would like to "Sponsor an artist" to take part in this significant project in defence of Palestinian Rights, please contact: ‪Lajee Center - - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Rich Wiles (Project Co-ordinator) - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Your friendship and solidarity are greatly appreciated.


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