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Monday, 30 July 2012

While Occupation and blockade are business as usual for Israel, there should be no business with Israel

In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

(Compiled by Leslie Bravery, Palestine Human Rights Campaign POB 56150, Dominion Rd, Auckland, New Zealand

Recent news updates:

Egypt extends Gaza border crossing hours. 28 July 2012, 1:18pm. Egypt has agreed to extend the hours of a border crossing into Gaza, the head of the Hamas government in Gaza. Ismail Haniyeh told the Gaza newspaper Palestine on Saturday that Egypt's new president, Mohamed Morsi, agreed to keep the Rafah border crossing open 12 hours a day and also increase staffing on the Egyptian side to help speed up the movement of visitors. Palestine said Morsi also agreed to increase the volume of truck imports of fuel for electricity generation into Gaza and make plans for construction of a natural-gas pipeline. The Egypt Independent said Haniyeh, who met with Morsi on Thursday, said in a written statement that Gaza had pledged to respect Egypt's border and sovereignty, particularly in the Sinai, and was open to re-establishing an Egyptian consulate in Gaza.

Watford Friends of Salfeet uses PHRC In Occupied Palestine newsletter to win positive response from local MP: In Occupied Palestine - 26 July 2012 / Dear Richard, Watford Friends of Salfeet is a twinning friendship group twinned with the Palestinian Governate of Salfeet (sometimes spelled Salfit). The e-newsletter below reports two instances of deliberate interference with farming activities in the area of Salfit. Can you please contact the Foreign Secretary and ask him to enquire with the British Embassy staff in Tel Aviv to establish why the Israeli Occupying Army are making it difficult - if not impossible - for Palestinian farmers to go about their everyday farming activities? Imagine how we would react in this country to the British Army interfering with British farmers going about their everyday farming activities? Can you also ask the Foreign Secretary to demand that the Israeli Occupying Army withdraws from the properties of the Salfeet farmers? I will be most grateful if you will see that this matter is expedited with utmost urgency. Thank you, John Dowdle, Chair – Watford Friends of Salfeet. Response from MP: “I have and I will”.

Israel orders destruction of eight Palestinian villages. The Israeli Defence Ministry has announced that it is planning to destroy eight Palestinian villages in the Occupied West Bank, displacing 1500 residents and forcing them to move to the city of Yatta. The military claims that the villages are “illegally” placed inside a “live fire zone” and will be demolished for military training. The area was only declared a military zone in 1976, and evidence suggests the villages have been there since 1830. Global Research Articles by Jason Ditz

Protest against Brand Israel’s Batsheva in Edinburgh and across the UK. Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign is a member of Don’t Dance with Israeli Apartheid campaign, which is organising demonstrations against Israeli State-funded Batsheva at the Edinburgh International Festival and across the UK in November. Batsheva is part of the Brand Israel effort to shift attention away from Israel’s crimes: ethnic cleansing and mass violence against the Palestinian people.

UFree Network: Solidarity campaign with Akram Rikhawi succeeded. The UFree network's solidarity campaign had supported the prisoner Akram Rikhawi throughout his 103-day hunger strike. Akram expressed his thanks and gratitude to those who stood beside him during his long strike. UFree Network | Media Centre

Palestinian outrage as EU expands co-operation with Israel.

Europe rewards Israel unconditionally: how does this advance peace? Strong EU statements on the deteriorating situation in the Occupied Palestinian territory (OPT), which have denounced Israel's unabated expansion of settlements in the West Bank and the closure of Gaza.

Defiance with a camcorder. Eight or nine of those who "carry the burden," to use the jargon of the recent public discourse on military service in Israel, burst into the house in the middle of the night. Their weapons pointed, they wear camouflage helmets, backpacks with walkie-talkies and streaks of paint on their faces. In the house: parents, four children (two boys, two girls) a grandmother (paralysed after a stroke) and two friends.

Israel's settlers are here to stay.

US, Lockheed Martin reach deal on Israeli F-35 fighter jets.

Olympics: BBC website fudges on capitals of Israel.

Palestinian Olympics chief calls minute of silence requests 'racism'.

2012 London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony ignored genocidal carnage of British Empire.  Dr Gideon Polya, 29 July 2012

Producer of propaganda BBC report on Gaza attack has history of fabrication.

Diaries: Live From Palestine: Israel denied me entry on the basis of my skin colour and religion.

Railway station ads showing Israeli territorial expansion ignite fire-storm of controversy (video) Uncensored

Economic sabotage: Gaza – the Israeli Navy continues to enforce a three-nautical-mile fishing zone on the blockaded territory.

Violation: Hebron – Israeli Occupation forces continue to enforce a military order prohibiting Palestinian vehicles from using Shalala Old Street and allowing only Israeli civilian and military vehicles on the road.


Occupation settlers

From Mazin Qumsiyeh:
More than 15,000 Jewish settlers were added in one year to bring the total of colonial settlers living in the West Bank to 650,000. Does anyone still think a two-state solution is possible? In parallel, settler violence increased many times over in the past few years (see
When settlers attack: A sobering study of the sky rocketing Jewish colonial settler attacks on native Palestinians Israel is enjoying unprecedented Western government support. The US Republican
Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is making his pilgrimage here to pay
homage to those who will help elect him. This has become a ritual among US
presidential candidates hoping to live in the White House in
Israeli-occupied Washington. Not to be up-staged, President Obama signed an enhanced "security" arrangement with Apartheid Israel the day before Romney lands here. More tax money is thus diverted to Israel and Israel promoted wars while the US economy keeps suffering. Romney will also meet with Salam Fayyad who seems content to keep repeating that we want a state in 1967 borders (and not mentioning the refugees which is THE central issue) but in his interview with the
Independent seemed resigned that Palestine is now marginalised. European and other Western governments hold meetings about Syria and abuses of human rights there (while supporting such abuses both in Syria and elsewhere). No one demanded such meetings about Israel and its abuses (see the recent article by Saul Landau or Bahrain or Saudi Arabia or Rohingya or Libya post-Qaddafi, or others.

Even when these governments know that there are abuses they continue business as usual. For example, the British government reported widespread abuse of Palestinian Children ( but business is business and British officials continue to co-operate economically and in other ways with apartheid. The European Union leadership considers Jewish colonial settlements to be violations of International law and yet give Israel a most-favoured-nation status and regularly trade! Everyone likes to
pretend there are no problems and the status quo can continue. The monarchies of Arabia (or the gang of kleptocracies) seem content in their dictatorships untouched by the Arab spring and seem happy that they are now using it to their advantage; witness “Saudi” Arabia’s junta dipping their hands into Syria and claiming they want to promote “democracy.” They seem satisfied. The Kings of Jordan and Morocco give some power to governments that they hope will absorb public discontent. The USA supports all these ruling families. Everyone pretends that the people’s discontent can be absorbed for a long time or manipulated to serve Western and Israeli interests. Even Hamas and Fatah leadership (though not many of their members) pretend that continuing down the path of the last few years will be OK and are not willing to “rock the boat”. Many are biding time and
hoping for some outside miracle. Maybe Obama will be better in his second
term. Maybe the Arab Spring will work in our favour. Maybe this or that will happen. Meanwhile, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and our Mother Earth is devastated.

As in all human history, the only positive changes come from citizens finally realising that they hold power in their hands. Once people realise that tyranny only lasts as long as apathy dominates, that is when revolutionary change happens. We the people, not governments, made history in the past and will make history in the future. Many ask what common people like us can do about certain issues like the pivotal problem of Palestine. Here are 64 suggestions for this issue (one for every year of the ongoing Naqba) but many can be equally applicable to environmental
issues or to human rights violations in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia:
Palestinian investments require divestment. Sam Bahour 27 July 2012 / Over the years, not only has Israel prohibited the emergence of a new Palestinian economy – it structurally and systematically has made certain that even the buds of such a productive economy would never see the light of day…. Palestinian civil society and Palestinians – Christians and Muslims alike – have urged everyone interested in seeing peace with justice to divest from the occupation.
Israel coined the term "Naqba" and is still implementing it. / Ilan Pappe
Thirsting for Justice: Join the Campaign for Palestinian Water Rights Greenland ice melt, reiterating declaration of planetary ecological emergency. Dr Glen Barry
NASA reports that satellites see unprecedented Greenland ice sheet melt.
Stay human

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

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Further news sources

Ali Kazak's newsletter Today in Palestine contains many news summaries that include both armed and non-violent methods of resistance to the Occupation. The newsletter also contains much other useful reporting. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

For more news see: Today in Palestine!


Behind the Wall

Rich Wiles is a photographic artist who has been living and working in Palestine for some years. His photographic work has been shown around Europe, the US, Australia and in Palestine itself. Since 2006 he has been writing from Occupied Palestine under the title Behind the Wall. Much of this work is based in and around the refugee camps in Palestine, highlighting daily life and memories of refugees who still live in forced exile for over 60 years since Al Nakba (The Catastrophe).


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