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Is Israel an apartheid state? Print
Wednesday, 05 September 2007

Perhaps you have heard of moves to declare Zionism a "racist" ideology or you have heard it said that Israel is an "apartheid state". On the face of it, this may seem ridiculous. Isn't Israel a democracy?

For one thing, there is Israel's occupation of Palestine and its treatment of the Palestinians. That alone is enough to make Israel a particularly brutal colonial power. Visit my Palestine page to learn more about this.

But that is not all. In Israel, citizenship and nationality are two different things. Both Jews and non-Jews may have Israeli citizenship, but nationality is based on race. There is a Jewish nationality and an Arab nationality. All citizens must register with their nationality. Then Israel sets legal rights based on nationality rather than just citizenship. Here are some articles that explain more about this situation.

After you have read these, I hope you will begin to understand why words like "racism" and "apartheid" are used to describe Israel.

'Democratic' racism, by Jonathan Cook

'Democratic' racism, part 2, by Jonathan Cook

'Jews-Only' Law Sparks Firestorm, by Bradley Burston

'State lands' rule also used to expropriate West Bank territory, by Aluf Benn, Ha'Aretz

'Who is a Jew' Matters in Israel, by Sheldon L. Richman

41% of Israel's Jews favour segregation of Arabs, by Chris McGreal

70% of Israeli Jews oppose selling JNF lands to Arabs, by Amiram Barkat

Arab spouses face Israeli legal purge, by Ben Lynfield

Brothers in arms, by Chris McGreal

Call for more rights for Arab minority in Israel, by Rory McCarthy

Can you really not see?, by Amira Hass

Carter: Israeli apartheid worse than South Africa, by BBC News

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Don't call it discrimination, by Nimer Sultany

IDF establishes 'Israeli-only' entry points that bar Palestinians, by Amira Hass

Invisible Citizens: Israeli Policy Concerning Bedouins in the Negev, by Shlomo Swirski and Yael Hasson

Israel Bars Arab-Americans From Visiting West Bank, Gaza Strip, by Barbara Ferguson

Israel Is Not Comparable to "Advanced Western Democracies", by Shaw J. Dallal

Israel and Apartheid: In Defense of Jimmy Carter, by Tony Karon

Israel and South Africa, by Dr. Israel Shahak

Israel seeks funds for separate Arabs-only roads, by Chris McGreal

Israel's Discriminatory Practices Are Rooted in Jewish Religious Law, by Dr. Israel Shahak

Israel's Two-Tiered Citizenship Law Bars Non-Jews From 93 Percent of Its Lands, by Roselle Tekiner

Israel, Apartheid and Jimmy Carter, by Saree Makdisi

Israeli Apartheid, by Bruce Dixon,

Israeli Land Authority Won't Sell Land to Arabs, by Shmuel Mittleman

Second Class: Israel's Segregated School System, by Human Rights Watch

Unrecognised villages in the Negev expose Israel's apartheid policies, by Bangani Ngeleza and Adri Nieuwhof

West Bank barrier is like apartheid: Arun Gandhi, by Reuters News

Worlds apart, by Chris McGreal

Zionism Mandates Official Discrimination Against Non-Jews, by Sheldon L. Richman


Bonus: Read about it from somebody who has reason to know: Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa. See Apartheid in the Holy Land.