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IOP Report {No. 1 for December 2017} Print
Saturday, 02 December 2017
While Occupation and blockade are business as usual for Israel,

there should be no business with Israel

In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

(Compiled by Leslie Bravery, Palestine Human Rights Campaign, Auckland, New Zealand [If you have difficulty with the display of this report, it may be better viewed on our website]

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IOP Report {Number 1 for December 2017}

Video debunks myth that

Palestine/Israel issue

is complicated

 Rag'n'Bone Man cancels

Tel Aviv performance

3 Palestinians injured in

fresh Israeli air strikes

on Gaza

Wounded Palestinian

left in road after being

dragged from ambulance

Israeli forces raid

Palestinian cemetery

and dig up graves


Mandela’s grandson:

'Israel is the worst

apartheid regime'


Israeli barriers to

Palestinian ambulances

jeopardise health care

Local EU missions deplore

Israeli demolitions

Recent news updates:

Video debunks myth that Palestine/Israel issue is complicated. On the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and the 70th anniversary of the United Nation’s (UN) partition of Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) Palestine 101: Not That Complicatedreleased this short video. Watch, and then share, on Facebook and Twitter. The state of affairs – apartheid – on the ground in Palestine/Israel today is not too complicated to understand. It is, quite simply, a continuation of the ongoing and unwavering process of Zionist settler colonisation. Seventy years ago today, the UN proposed partitioning Palestine against the will of the native Palestinian population, emboldening Zionist militias to create a Jewish state by force, including through the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Today is just one of four significant anniversaries for Palestinians this year: 2017 also marked 100 years since the Balfour Declaration, 50 years since the beginning of Israel’s illegal military occupation of the Gaza Strip and West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and ten years since the imposition of the siege on Gaza. All of those anniversaries point to the undisguised settler colonial nature of the Zionist project. Palestine 101: Not That Complicated

Rag'n'Bone Man cancels Tel Aviv performance. During a vigil outside his performance at the O2 Academy in Brixton, London, on 24 November, the award-winning English musician-songwriter Rag'n'Bone Man (Rory Charles Graham), responded to the protesters by publicly announcing the cancellation of his scheduled performance in Tel Aviv next May. Inminds human rights group's vigil outside the O2 Academy in Brixton, urging Rag'n'Bone Man to respect the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of apartheid Israel and cancel his scheduled performance in Tel Aviv, was met by incredible support from both the fans and passers-by with hundreds of leaflets being snapped up in no time and people hugging and congratulating us for being there.

3 Palestinians injured in fresh Israeli air strikes on Gaza – extensive damage to homes and property. 30 November 2017 | The Israeli Air Force fired missiles into the south of Gaza City, wounding three Palestinians, who were rushed to the Shifa Medical Centre. The Israeli Army reinforced the blitz, shelling and firing missiles into several areas. One missile struck an area near the Central Car Market, in the south-east of Gaza City, causing extensive damage to homes and property. The Israeli Army also fired missiles into Khan Yunis, causing serious damage. The Israeli Army also shelled Palestinian farmland, north of Beit Hanoun. Israeli forces claimed their actions were in response to Palestinian Resistance fire on an Israeli Army base.

Wounded Palestinian left in road after being dragged from ambulance. 27 November 2017 (WAFA) | A Palestinian man, Ahmad Abu Rayya (20), shot and wounded during an Israeli Army raid on the al-Arroub UN refugee camp, was removed from an ambulance and later, at night, dropped outside the entrance to the refugee camp. A Red Crescent ambulance took him to hospital in Bethlehem.

UN Weekly Report:

Jerusalem: Israeli forces raid Palestinian cemetery and dig up graves. 27 November 2017 | Israeli forces began excavating inside a cemetery in the Kafr Aqab town of northern Jerusalem on Monday, following a raid. Locals told Ma’an that Israeli forces began digging inside the cemetery, using hand tools, and had even dug inside several graves.

Mandela’s grandson on visit: Israel is the worst apartheid regime. The grandson of the late anti-apartheid hero, former South African President Nelson Mandela, is on a “historic visit” to Israel, although it seems he will not meet with Israeli officials. A statement said Mandla Mandela, a staunch Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) supporter and Member of Parliament, would “hold several meetings with Palestinian leaders” but made no mention of Israeli counterparts. The Israeli Foreign Ministry appeared to corroborate the statement by saying, “We have no information on the visit.” During a joint press conference with Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah on Monday, Mandela said: “The settlements I saw here [in the West Bank] reminded me of what we had suffered in South Africa because we also were surrounded by many settlements and were not allowed to move from one place to another freely. Palestinians are being subjected to the worst version of apartheid.” He added: “Israel is the worst apartheid regime” and called for the continued support of BDS and for South Africa to cut all ties with “apartheid Israel. What we have experienced in South Africa is a fraction of what the Palestinians are experiencing,” Mandela said in an interview with Royal News English on Sunday. “We were oppressed in order to serve the white minority. The Palestinians are being eliminated off their land and brought out of their territories, and this is a total human-rights violations. I think it is a total disgrace that the world is able to sit back while such atrocities are being carried out by apartheid Israel.”

Israeli barriers to Palestinian ambulances jeopardise health care. 24 November 2017 | With many medical specialities, such as radiotherapy and heart surgery only available in East Jerusalem's Palestinian hospitals, it is vital that patients are able to travel there unimpeded. Last month Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) met with staff from the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) Emergency Medical Centre in Jerusalem to discuss barriers to ambulance access and how, for Palestinian patients, the process of entering East Jerusalem is fraught with obstacles. A paramedic, Mohammed, working for the PRCS Emergency Medical Centre in Jerusalem, explained how Palestinian patients are transferred to hospital: “We have a process for transferring patients. It’s called 'back-to-back' ambulance transfer. To transfer a patient from the West Bank to Jerusalem is a long and tough process. First of all the patient needs permission from the hospital which will receive them. The patient should contact the hospital and send them copies of their medical records and get agreement and permission to come. After that they need financial permission, to show they have the money to cover the treatment costs. After this the patient needs security permission from the Israeli Military District Co-ordinating Office (DCO). They call the DCO and give them their name and ID and they do a security check on them. After that, they give permission to the patient, or they can refuse for them to go to the hospital in East Jerusalem. The process can take hours to days. It does not depend on the case, it depends on how the Israeli military collects the patient’s information. If a patient from the West Bank gets security permission from the DCO they should travel by Palestinian ambulance to one of the main Jerusalem checkpoints. When a patient arrives at the checkpoint they wait to get permission from Israeli soldiers to enter the changing area. The soldiers check the patient’s ID, the number of the ambulance, the ambulance staff’s IDs and connects with the DCO. If the soldier gives permission, the patient and ambulance can move to the changing area. When the ambulance reaches the changing area it is parked parallel to our ambulance and we transfer the patient from the Palestinian ambulance to our ambulance. There is no privacy for patients, there are soldiers, security personnel and people around the checkpoint who can see the patient. We have to transfer patients between ambulances in all weather conditions, hot and cold. My colleague asked to cover a patient with an umbrella and was refused so he had to transfer the patient in the pouring rain.” For patients leaving Gaza, the nightmare for both patients and medical staff is even more horrific. Read: barriers to healthcare and MAP’s new report, Health Under Occupation.

Local EU missions deplore Israeli demolition threats to Palestinian buildings and infrastructure. 25 November 2017 | On Friday, the European Union (EU) Representative and the EU Heads of Mission in Jerusalem and Ramallah deplored the continual Israeli threats of destruction and seizure against Palestinian property in the West Bank. The recent military orders against Palestinians in the communities of Ein al-Hilweh and Umm Jamal in the Northern Jordan Valley and the community of Jabal al-Baba threaten the property of up to 400 persons. Last month four other pastoral communities, comprising 170 people in the Northern Jordan Valley, lost their case at the Israeli High Court and two European donor-funded schools in Wadi as Seeq and Al Muntar are presently under threat of destruction and seizure, an EU statement pointed out: “We are also deeply concerned about the intention of the Israeli authorities to demolish around a fifth of the housing and infrastructure in Susiya in the South Hebron Hills within the coming weeks. As winter arrives, an imminent demolition will leave up to 100 people, half of them children, without shelter.” The EU missions called on Israel to halt demolitions of Palestinian homes and property and cease settlement activity. “In line with its long standing position on this issue, and reiterating its strong opposition to Israel's settlement policy and actions taken in this context, including demolitions and confiscations, evictions and forced transfers including of Bedouins, which all threaten the two-state solution, the EU calls upon the Israeli authorities to halt demolitions of Palestinian houses and property, in accordance with its obligations as an occupying power under international humanitarian law, and to cease the policy of settlement construction and expansion, of designating land for exclusive Israeli use and of denying Palestinian development.”

JVP: Who is most likely to be labelled anti-Semitic? The spread of anti-Semitism in the US is real, and terrifying. Neo-Nazis march down America’s main streets. The President calls them “very fine people,” and re-tweets conspiracy theorists claiming Jews control the world’s finances. White supremacists have growing platforms in mainstream media and receive humanising profiles in The New York Times. But who is most likely to be labelled anti-Semitic? Advocates for Palestinian human rights like you. Enough. Real anti-Semites like Steve Bannon have joined forces with right-wing Zionist groups like the Zionist Organisation of America to forge a toxic political force: Zionist anti-Semitism. The only way to fight oppression is to fight all oppression — that’s what real intersectionality means. That’s why we fight for Palestinian human rights, and why we don’t see a contradiction between fighting anti-Semitism and fighting devastating Israeli policies. That’s what JVP is all about. If you agree, donate what you can now. We’ll never leave the fight against anti-Semitism to those who seek to cynically exploit very real and well-founded fears of anti-Jewish prejudice in order to advance their own oppressive agendas. JVP is proud of our Jewishness AND proud of our support of Palestinians, and with your help we can keep fighting for equality for all people, everywhere.Rabbi Alissa Wise Jewish Voice for Peace


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