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IOP Report {No. 2 for December 2017} Print
Sunday, 10 December 2017
While Occupation and blockade are business as usual for Israel,

there should be no business with Israel

In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

(Compiled by Leslie Bravery, Palestine Human Rights Campaign, Auckland, New Zealand [If you have difficulty with the display of this report, it may be better viewed on our website]

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IOP Report {Number 2 for December 2017}

Auckland march for


the ‘heart of Palestine’

4-year-old boy succumbs

to wounds sustained in

2014 Israeli Gaza offensive

Pope contradicts Trump

over US Embassy move

UN asks Trump

to tread with caution

World leaders warn

of the consequences

of Trump's folly

EU member states

will not move embassies

to Jerusalem

Protestors tear down

Israeli annexation Wall gate

in Palestinian village

Israel elects to build

another 7000 units for colonists

in Occupied East Jerusalem

US faces blunt UN criticism

over Jerusalem decree

Israeli Army positions

attack Gaza Strip

Israeli jets strike Gaza

Letter to Trump

from Patriarchs and heads

of local churches in Jerusalem


Recent news updates:

Auckland march for Jerusalem: the 'heart of Palestine', 9 December 2017: Nearly 400 Aucklanders, from a wide variety of backgrounds, joined in an impromptu rally and march on Saturday for Free Jerusalem – 'the heart of Palestine'. The protest was called by the NZ Palestine Solidarity Network in urgent response to US President Donald Trump’s proclamation that the US considers Jerusalem to be the 'capital of Israel' and to move the US Embassy there from Tel Aviv. After short, passionate speeches by justice campaigners, union leaders and spokespersons from the local Palestinian community, the rally unanimously endorsed a resolution to “demand the NZ Government strongly oppose the US President’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” and, as an act of sanction, “shut down the Israeli Embassy in Wellington”. Mike Treen, National Director of the Unite Union, told the crowd that his union moved a motion supporting Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) to sever ties with Israel, which was passed by the CTU. One protester, Ricardo, reflected on the march: “There’s something awesome about communities that are often ‘invisibilised’ by mainstream politics coming together and making their voices heard. Members of the Palestinian community in Aotearoa (and supporters) came out to protest against Trump appointing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The demands were clear: For the Government to shut down its Israeli Embassy and for the Government to openly and strongly condemn the Trump’s Administration for these actions that are already fanning the flames of conflict. I have always held a lot of solidarity with Palestinians, having grown up by the US/Mexico border, another example of border imperialism that has displaced and dispossessed many. I hope one day we can fully dismantle these institutions that continue to divide us.”

4-year-old boy succumbs to wounds sustained in 2014 Israeli Gaza offensive. 6 December 2017 | A Palestinian child from the Gaza Strip died on Wednesday after succumbing to wounds he sustained during the Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014, when he was just one year old. Medical sources in Gaza told Ma’an that had been left bedridden after an Israeli air strike hit his home in al-Qarrara on 8 August 2014, killing four members of his family and injuring several others. Haddaf passed away on Wednesday morning. Some 2,147 Palestinians were killed during the 51-day Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014, including 72 who later succumbed to wounds. UN records state that somewhere between 72% to 84% of the Palestinians killed were civilians, hundreds of them children.

Video: President Donald Trump statement on Jerusalem.


~ Jordan, Turkey to lead Arab-Islamic pro-Jerusalem action. Erdogan to convene Islamic meeting in Istanbul next week as Amman orchestrates pan-Arab response.

~ Chile deeply concerned over US decision on Jerusalem.

~ Pope contradicts Trump over US Embassy move.

~ Trump recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital, in reversal of policy.

~ UN asks Trump to tread with caution on Jerusalem.

~ Palestinians warn of escalating protests over Jerusalem. At least 31 Palestinians hurt in Israeli Army fire on Thursday as anger over US President's move sweeps West Bank and Gaza.

~ Trump tells Abbas of plans to move embassy as world leaders warn of consequences.

~ EU and member states will not move embassies in Israel to Jerusalem. The European Union's representative to Palestine, Ralf Tarraf, on Thursday said the European Union and its member states will continue to respect the international consensus and the Security Council resolution 478 and will not transfer any embassy to Jerusalem unless a final solution is reached.

Protestors tear down Israeli annexation Wall gate imposed upon Palestinian village.

UN weekly report:

Israel elects to build another 7000 units for colonists in Occupied East Jerusalem.

US faces blunt criticism at UN over Jerusalem decree. By Rick Gladstone | 8 December 2017 | The United States faced blunt and sometimes withering criticism from friends and adversaries alike at the United Nations on Friday over President Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and his plans to move the American Embassy to the highly contested holy city. The rebukes, made at an emergency Security Council meeting called over Mr Trump’s announcement, constituted an extraordinarily public denunciation of American policy on the world’s most prominent diplomatic stage, leaving the United States alone on the issue among the Council’s 15 members. The ambassadors of Britain, France, Sweden, Germany and Italy issued a joint statement outside the Council’s chambers, condemning their American ally’s change of position, saying it was “not in line with Security Council resolutions and was unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region.” Amr Abdellatif Aboulatta, the ambassador from Egypt — one of the few Muslim-majority nations to have recognised Israel — recited a litany of Security Council resolutions aimed in part at preventing Israel from declaring sovereignty over all of Jerusalem.

Israeli Army positions attack 2 areas inside the Gaza Strip. Evening, 7 December. The attacks came after retaliatory rocket fire from the Palestinian Resistance. from the Strip earlier in the day. Both tank fire and aircraft were used in the attack. Three rockets were fired; one actually landed inside Israeli territory on open land, causing no harm. The remaining two fell back into the Gaza Strip.

Israeli jets strike Gaza. At least 25 Palestinians, including six children, were wounded in an Israeli air strike on 8 December. At least one Palestinian has been killed by Israeli fire during protests in the West Bank and nearly 800 have been wounded. See also:

UK: Balfour Project invites the Government and people of the United Kingdom to:

learn what the Balfour Declaration means for both Jews and Arabs.

acknowledge that whilst a homeland for the Jewish people has been achieved, the promise to protect the rights of the Palestinian people has not yet been fulfilled.

urge the people and elected representatives of the UK to take effective action to promote justice, security and peace for both peoples.

Video: Britain in Palestine 1917-1948. Do look at Balfour Project's 18-minute film and the accompanying Companion Guide with 84 pages of history expanding on the topics in the film.

Letter from Patriarchs and heads of local churches in Jerusalem to Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America on

6 December 2017

Dear Mr President,

We are fully aware and appreciative of how you are dedicating special attention to the status of Jerusalem in these days. We are following with attentiveness and we see that it is our duty to address this letter to Your Excellency. On July 17, 2000, we addressed a similar letter to the leaders who met in Camp David to decide the status of Jerusalem. They kindly took our letter into consideration. Today, Mr President, we are confident that you too will take our viewpoint into consideration on the very important status of Jerusalem. Our land is called to be a land of peace. Jerusalem, the city of God, is a city of peace for us and for the world. Unfortunately, though, our holy land with Jerusalem the Holy city, is today a land of conflict.

Those who love Jerusalem have every will to work and make it a land and a city of peace, life and dignity for all its inhabitants. The prayers of all believers in it — the three religions and two peoples who belong to this city — rise to God and ask for peace, as the Psalmist says: “Return to us, God Almighty! Look down from heaven and see!” (80.14). Inspire our leaders, and fill their minds and hearts with justice and peace.

Mr President, we have been following, with concern, the reports about the possibility of changing how the United States understands and deals with the status of Jerusalem. We are certain that such steps will yield increased hatred, conflict, violence and suffering in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, moving us farther from the goal of unity and deeper toward destructive division. We ask from you Mr President to help us all walk towards more love and a definitive peace, which cannot be reached without Jerusalem being for all.

Our solemn advice and plea is for the United States to continue recognising the present international status of Jerusalem. Any sudden changes would cause irreparable harm. We are confident that, with strong support from our friends, Israelis and Palestinians can work towards negotiating a sustainable and just peace, benefiting all who long for the Holy City of Jerusalem to fulfil its destiny. The Holy City can be shared and fully enjoyed once a political process helps liberate the hearts of all people, that live within it, from the conditions of conflict and destructiveness that they are experiencing.

Christmas is upon us soon. It is a feast of peace. The Angels have sung in our sky: Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to the people of goodwill. In this coming Christmas, we plea for Jerusalem not to be deprived of peace, we ask you Mr President to help us listen to the song of the angels. As the Christian leaders of Jerusalem, we invite you to walk with us in hope as we build a just, inclusive peace for all the peoples of this unique and Holy City.

With our best regards, and best wishes for a Merry Christmas.

Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem

Patriarch Theophilos III, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

Patriarch Nourhan Manougian, Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Patriarchate

Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Apostolic Administrator, Latin Patriarchate

Fr. Francesco Patton, ofm, Custos of the Holy Land

Archbishop Anba Antonious, Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate, Jerusalem

Archbishop Swerios Malki Murad, Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate

Archbishop Aba Embakob, Ethiopian Orthodox Patriarchate

Archbishop Joseph-Jules Zerey, Greek-Melkite-Catholic Patriarchate

Archbishop Mosa El-Hage, Maronite Patriarchal Exarchate

Archbishop Suheil Dawani, Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East

Bishop Munib Younan, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land

Bishop Pierre Malki, Syrian Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate

Msgr. Georges Dankaye’, Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate


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