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IOP Report {No. 3 for December 2017} Print
Sunday, 17 December 2017
While Occupation and blockade are business as usual for Israel,

there should be no business with Israel

In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

(Compiled by Leslie Bravery, Palestine Human Rights Campaign, Auckland, New Zealand [If you have difficulty with the display of this report, it may be better viewed on our website]

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IOP Report {Number 3 for December 2017}

Israeli air strikes

kill 4 Palestinians

and seriously injure

6-month-old baby

Israeli Army stun grenade

attack on

woman's house triggers

fatal heart attack

Young girls forced from

ambulance at gunpoint

by Israeli soldiers

Caught on video –

Israeli soldiers'

disgusting treatment

of defenceless

Palestinian children

230 recently-abducted

Palestinians subjected

to atrocious

conditions and torture

Revealed: child imprisonment

in Occupied Palestine

Israeli Army forced to

admit excuse for

shooting Palestinian

youngster was groundless

Celtic FC fans proclaim

Jerusalem is Palestine’

Trumpery defined:

Worthless finery


Showy but worthless

Delusive, shallow

[Oxford Combined Dictionary]

Recent news updates:

4 Palestinians killed in Israeli air strikes that seriously injured six-month-old baby. Gaza – the day after Trump's infamous recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Israel celebrated the apparent US approval of its international law violations by mounting massive and disproportionate military violence against all expressions of outrage. The Palestinian Ministry of Health released a statement, saying that between Friday afternoon – when the Palestinian protests began – and early Saturday morning when Israeli air strikes targeted Gaza – four Palestinians, two of them Resistance fighters, had been killed. In the southern Gaza Strip district of Khan Yunis, 30-year-old Mahmoud al-Masri was shot and killed by Israeli forces and on Friday evening a 54-year-old protester, Maher Atallah, died of wounds inflicted after he was shot by Israeli forces in northern Gaza. One of the men killed, 29-year-old Ibrahim Abu Thurayya, had lost his legs in previous Israeli offensives on the blockaded Strip. Israeli war planes had targeted three areas in Khan Yunis and Jabaliya. A six-month-old baby was also seriously injured in the air strike.

Israeli Army stun grenade attack on woman's house triggers fatal heart attack. Sixty-year-old Hamda Zubaidat suffered a heart attack and died shortly after Israeli soldiers fired a stun grenade into her house in the village of Zubaidat, Jericho. The assault was part of an Israeli Army terror rampage through the village that began shortly after midnight.

Video: Israeli soldiers drag 2 Palestinian teenage girls from ambulance at gunpoint. 14 December 2017 | The Israeli Army held up the Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance on Wednesday in Hebron – forcing the girls out, handcuffing them and taking them away.

More videos expose Israeli soldiers' disgusting treatment of defenceless Palestinian children. On Monday, British sports broadcaster, Gary Lineker, re-tweeted a video of Israeli soldiers abusing Palestinian children. The video was originally tweeted by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem the day before. On Sunday, the video shows Israeli soldiers rounding up children in the Occupied West Bank city of Hebron in October. In spite of the evidence and quite unabashed, the Zionist propaganda machine attempted to justify the behaviour. A former Israeli military spokesperson, Peter Lerner, asserted that Lineker had “completely missed the point.” He called the children “a public menace” for throwing stones, completely ignoring the fact that heavily-armed Israeli Occupation forces menace the population day and night. The soldiers are not there for the benefit of the Palestinian people, and their self-serving excuses are scarcely credible. So a child may actually have thrown a stone at an enemy soldier. The point is, that the soldier is an invader and the stone-throwing is a natural act of Resistance against intolerable provocation. Add to that, the lack of Israeli Army credibility when its soldiers select a particular child to accuse – the soldiers know the military court will find them guilty on the flimsiest of evidence. Peter Lerner resorted in desperation to implying that Lineker may be anti-Semitic because he drew attention to a scene in the video in which several handcuffed boys could be seen confined inside a wire cage. Incredibly, in the face of the video evidence, Lerner accused Gary Lineker of justifyingterror”. See also:


230 recently-abducted Palestinians subject to torture, bad conditions and humiliation. 13 December 2017 | The Palestinian Detainees’ Committee has warned of the dozens of Palestinian youngsters abducted by the Israeli Army in one week, since Trump’s illegal recognition of occupied Jerusalem as the unified capital of Israel. Following massive invasions of homes and property in several parts of Occupied Palestine, including Jerusalem, a total of around 200 people have been taken prisoner already and captive youngsters face physical and psychological torture and humiliation. The committee's lawyers have managed to visit many of the abducted Palestinians, who told them that, on top of being assaulted and tortured, they had been left without food, water or even blankets for 24 hours. The captives are being held in the Etzion Israeli military base, south of Bethlehem. The Committee affirms that Israel's targeting of civilians is violating international law and all related resolutions and agreements.

Today they took my son. A video of a mother's anguish as her young son is taken away by the Israeli military. Unable to prevent the cruel and inhumane treatment she knows he is experiencing, the helplessness she feels is unbearable. This seven minute film is based on a UNICEF report.

Learn more about child imprisonment in Occupied Palestine.

Israeli Army admits Palestinian youngster shot by soldiers was not carrying a knife. 12 December 2017 | The Israeli Army said troops spotted a group of Palestinians approaching the fence around the Ariel Israeli Occupation settlement “in a suspicious manner”. The soldiers said they opened fire at one of the 'suspects' after he “appeared to pull a knife out of his pocket”. The army searched the area, near the Palestinian village of Salfit, the military found no knife, indicating the soldiers apparently opened fire in error.

Celtic FC fans: ‘Jerusalem is Palestine’. Despite the fines levied on the Scottish club last year by UEFA, Celtic FC fans at Edinburgh’s Easter Road Stadium raised banners expressing their opposition to Trump’s announcement recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, by raising a pair of banners before kick-off.

Saudi Arabia renews call on US to rescind declaring Jerusalem capital of Israel.

OCHA Humanitarian Fund releases US$2.2 million to alleviate urgent humanitarian needs in the Gaza Strip. The allocation comes in the context of an overall deterioration of conditions in the Gaza Strip in 2017, following the worsening of the electricity crisis that has already left Gaza’s nearly two million, suffering from ten years of Israeli blockade. With this support from the oPt HF, humanitarian agencies will enable essential and life-saving child and maternal health interventions in Gaza, through provision of incubators and phototherapy equipment to neonatal intensive care units and intensive care units in Gaza's hospitals as well as essential life-saving medical and non-medical supplies. It will also enable the most vulnerable families in the Gaza Strip to immediately access fresh and nutritious local food through the provision of six-month fresh food vouchers for families falling below the deep poverty line, with insufficient or no access to means of assistance and with limited capacity to meet their households' basic food needs. Finally, it will support livelihoods and improve food security of farmers to overcome the electricity crisis in the Strip, through provision of solar power systems and agricultural supplies.” There was no mention of measures to protect Palestinian farmland and fishing boats from attacks by Israeli armed forces. Read more:

New women's theatre in Gaza. Hashtag: Gaza Will Become a Better Place is the first play from the Bozour Culture and Arts (bozour translates as “seeds”) theatre group. It is a play about how Gaza has become a place from where young people want – desperately – to leave and are willing to risk drowning at sea to do so. Read more:

Israeli Army archaeologist casts doubt on Israel's Jerusalem 'heritage'.


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