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Saturday, 13 January 2018
While Occupation and blockade are business as usual for Israel, there should be no business with Israel

In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

(Compiled by Leslie Bravery, Palestine Human Rights Campaign, Auckland, New Zealand www.palestine.org.nz) [If you have difficulty with the display of this report, it may be better viewed on our website]

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IOP Report {Number 2 for January 2018}



Abby Martin meets

Ahed Tamimi

Send a postcard

to Ahed Tamimi

Israel's Apartheid Wall


Open Letter from

academics at

Birzeit University

No escape’ from

Israel’s indiscriminate

use of tear gas

Activists celebrate

closure of Israeli

settlement builder’s

New York store

Israel to approve

more than 1,329 new

illegal settlement units

Israeli Army stands by

as colonists injure

2 Palestinians near Nablus

Israel demands

Compensation from

family of Palestinian

crushed to death

under Israeli Army Jeep

Hundreds of US Jewish

clergy urge Netanyahu

not to demolish

Palestinian village

NZ social workers

condemn arrest of

Palestinian colleague

Tourism as a tool, both of

oppression and resistance

Recent news updates:

Video: Abby Martin meets Ahed Tamimi — Message from a freedom fighter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yV1HwG1_phs&feature=youtu.be

Send a postcard to Ahed Tamimi – let her know that millions are thinking of her. Write to one of the 3 imprisoned members of the Tamimi family: Ahed Tamimi, Nour Tamimi or Nariman Tamimi. While Zionist gaolers frequently censor Palestinian prisoners’ mail, these letters can help bolster morale and even send a message to the gaolers and censors themselves. Write to Ahed Tamimi, Nour Tamimi or Nariman Tamimi (choose one and address your letter to one only) at: HaSharon Prison, Ben Yehuda, PO Box 740 330, Israel. http://samidoun.net/2017/12/free-ahed-tamimi/

Whilst Israel gaoled a 16-year-old Palestinian girl for slapping the soldier who nearly killed her cousin, a settler walked free for the same 'crime'. http://azvsas.blogspot.com/2018/01/send-postcard-to-ahed-tamimi-let-her.html

The 'Apartheid Wall'. The 'Apartheid Wall' describes a separation barrier built by Israel, allegedly to protect itself from attacks originating in the West Bank. It is particularly controversial because, in places, it goes inside the 1949 Armistice Line (or 'Green Line') and therefore expropriates Palestinian land. It also separates Palestinians from their schools, their fields, their relatives and from each other, and, together with limited crossings with limited opening hours, arguably localises people affected in a way that is more suited to the dark ages. On completion, it will be approximately 700 kilometres in length. Amongst the other impacts of the impediments to movement the Wall causes, it undermines possibilities to harness tourism for Palestinian benefit as it cuts off major tourist draw-cards, such as the holy site of Rachel's Tomb, from Palestinian control. More significantly, such actions work to negate feelings of autonomy and well-being for Palestinians. Writing inscribed on the wall entitled 'The Wall is on my heart' expressed this: 'After the Wall around Rachel's Tomb was built, I felt terrible. Nobody was walking here, only the cats and dogs. The wall creates a feeling ... the feeling that it surrounds you; that you are not permitted to move. Every time, every day you see the Wall. When I look outside through the window to see the sunrise or the sunset, the Wall is in front of me. When I go to the Wall I feel that something closes in my heart, as if the Wall is on my heart … When I see the Wall I also feel ashamed of myself, because it is created by human beings.'Melvina, Bethlehem

The International Court of Justice made a ruling in 2004 that the 'construction by Israel of a wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and its associated regime are contrary to international law'; and yet it continues to be built largely unimpeded. *Third World Resurgence No. 301/302, September/October 2015, pp 43-47 http://www.twn.my/title2/resurgence/2015/301-302/cover10.htm

Open Letter from academics at Birzeit University in Palestine. Birzeit University calls on the academic community to protest against the Israeli Government’s deliberate harassing of international students and academics who travel to Palestine in order to study or work in Palestinian academic institutions. https://www.birzeit.edu/en/news/open-letter-academics-birzeit-university-palestine

No escape’ from Israel’s indiscriminate use of tear gas MAP News. Report from a very hard-working and reputable group of medics adds to the rapidly-growing pile of eye-witness reports and reliable research projects coming directly from those having to live and work alongside a severely oppressed, vilified, degraded and totally neglected Palestinian people. A recent Haaretz report highlights another case of blatant discrimination. https://www.map.org.uk/news/archive/post/777-aida-camp-ano-escapea-from-israelas-indiscriminate-use-of-tear-gas

Activists celebrate closure of Israeli settlement builder’s New York store. 10 January 2018 | A Madison Avenue diamond store, owned by Israeli billionaire and settlement profiteer Lev Leviev, shut its doors late last year. The closure is being celebrated by activists who held creative, holiday-themed protests against Leviev’s companies for years. Read more

Peace Now: Israel to approve more than 1,329 new, illegal settlement units. 6 January 2018. https://www.maannews.com/Content.aspx?id=779727


Israeli colonists injure 2 Palestinians near Nablus; soldiers abduct 2 in Hebron. 10 January 2018 | http://imemc.org/article/israeli-colonizers-injure-two-palestinians-near-nablus-soldiers-abduct-two-in-hebron/

Israeli police, soldiers and security officials prevent a forum in Occupied Jerusalem. 10 January 2018 http://imemc.org/article/israeli-police-soldiers-and-security-officials-prevent-a-forum-in-occupied-jerusalem/

Israel demands compensation from family of Palestinian crushed to death under Israeli Army Jeep. The Israeli Army has filed a lawsuit against the family, and the entire town, of a Palestinian who was crushed to death under a military vehicle during an Israeli Army raid on the central West Bank village of Kafr Malek on 14 June 2015. The Occupation military is demanding that the family of the victim, Abdullah Ghanayem (Ghneimat) and the entire town, pay 95.260 NIS (US$24,500) in compensation for damage to the Israeli Army vehicle that caused the death. Ghanayem had been left for three hours to bleed to death under the Israeli Army vehicle while soldiers prevented medics and rescue teams from helping him. http://imemc.org/article/israel-demands-compensation-from-family-of-palestinian-crushed-to-death-under-army-jeep/

Hundreds of US Jewish clergy urge Netanyahu not to demolish Palestinian village. 11 January 2018 | A letter calls on PM to allow residents of Susya to remain in their homes. More than 300 US Jewish clergy have written to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, urging him not to carry out a planned demolition of nearly half of the buildings in a Palestinian village. “The village of Susya, like its counterparts throughout Area C of the West Bank, has consistently had its applications for building permits denied,” said the letter sent Tuesday, referring to the area of the West Bank under full Israeli control. “We are taught in the Torah that there must be one law for all, yet the settlers living alongside Susya are allowed to participate in the planning and development of their own communities.” The 315 signatories covered the gamut of religious streams, including Orthodox, Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist clergy, according to J Street, the liberal Middle East policy group that initiated the letter. https://www.timesofisrael.com/hundreds-of-us-jewish-clergy-urge-netanyahu-not-to-demolish-palestinian-village/

NZ social workers condemning arrest of Palestinian colleague. Wednesday, 10 January 2018 | ANZASW Press Release: The Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers (ANZASW) condemns in the strongest terms the arrest of Palestinian social worker and activist, Munther Amira, at a peaceful demonstration on 27 December 2017. Amira was protesting against the imprisonment of Ahed Tamimi and all other Palestinian children. ANZASW joins with the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) in calling on colleagues in the Israeli Union of Social Workers to be more vocal in their criticism of the mistreatment of children in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, especially those in breach of basic principles of human rights, justice and UN Conventions. http://scoop.co.nz/stories/PO201801/S00019.htm

The ghettoisation of Palestine – tourism as a tool of both oppression and resistance. http://www.twn.my/title2/resurgence/2015/301-302/cover10.htm


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