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Monday, 09 November 2009

Interested in supporting Palestinian human rights?

Here are some things you can do to reject :

Israel’s inhumane treatment of Palestinians.
Israel’s brutal military actions on Palestinian territories.
Israel’s illegal Occupation and building of Jewish-only Settlements on Palestinian Land.
Israel’s prolonging of the conflict by refusing to adhere to UN Resolutions and International Law.

  1. Attend our monthly rallies in Aotea Sq. Auckland. These occur on the 1st Saturday every month.

  2. Boycott Israeli products: Buying these products sends financial assistance to Israel’s economy and gives tacit consent to their Israel’s government policy. It is suprosing how many Israeli products there here now. See for more info, and take a moment to check the country of origin for stuff you buy, especially plastics.

  3. Write to our MP’s. Recently our Foreign Affairs policy has shifted towards tacitly supports Israel’s position. Write to Murray McCully & John Key and tell them that is unacceptable. 

  4. Subscribe to our newsletter.

  5. Read these critical documents to familiarise yourself with the conflict.

  6. Populate book stores with books that would otherwise not be imported into NZ .
    Go to your favourit bookstore and order two copies of our recommended books. One for you, one for their shelves.

  7. Donate to PHRC  bankc account 06 0145 0045138 00