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Press Release Gaza Flotilla May 31st 2010 Print
Monday, 31 May 2010

Government must condemn interception of Gaza flotilla.
The Palestine Human Rights Campaign is calling upon the New Zealand
Government to condemn Israel’s killing of civilian activists on board the peace
flotilla carrying humanitarian supplies to the Gaza Strip.

"The New Zealand government should call in its newly credentialed Israeli
ambassador to lodge a protest. The government never tires of condemning the
Palestinian militancy but accommodates blatant breaches of international laws
and this act of deadly piracy in international waters is the latest example" says
PHRC spokesperson Janfrie Wakim.

By failing to defend the high seas from Israeli government piracy, our government is acquiescing to degradation of international law regarding the freedom of navigation,' she adds.

The flotilla of ships carrying citizens from 30 countries, was carrying supplies
thatIsrael has barred from entering Gaza, including educational supplies, cement
and other building materials, electric-powered wheelchairs, prefabricated homes
and water purifiers.

“It is important to note that John Ging, the head of the United Nations in the
Gaza Strip, has called upon the international community to defy Israel’s blockade of
Gaza to bring humanitarian aid to the territory. The murdered activists were
only answering this call and were of no conceivable threat to Israel’s security” Ms
Wakim said.

"If this government remains silent over this act of piracy, it will signal that the
government intends to maintain a ‘business as usual relationship’ and, as far as
New Zealand is concerned, that means Israel can literally get away with