Letter sent to NZ Herald
Monday, 17 December 2012


The Editor,

New Zealand Herald, PO Box 30, Auckland.


Dear Sir,

The excellent article by Leslie Bravery of the Palestinian Human Rights Campaign, answering the Israeli ambassador and putting the Palestinian side of the current conflict, omitted one salient point. The endless expansion of Israeli citizens only, Jewish settlements on confiscated land on the West Bank, which is being eaten away and gradually incorporated into a,"greater Israel," one hilltop at a time! Annexation by stealth, that the rest of the world, isn't supposed to notice?

That one situation alone, is a reason that a peace agreement between the two sides is impossible, as long as Netanyahu and his Likud Party colonisers, remain in power in Israel.

I am not a Hamas supporter, far from it,I abhor their methods and tactics, but can understand the anger behind the things they are doing, and their desire to hit back at their oppressors.

That Jews of all people, should become a nation of oppressive,racist, colonisers,doing to others what was done to them in our lifetimes, is absolutely disgusting and inexcusable.

Some people, including a well-known cartoonist, have been pilloried and punished for comparing Israel's land-grabbing and other occupation policies, to Apartheid in South Africa from the 1950s to the1980s. I personally can't think of a more apt comparison and if the supporters of Israel in this country want peace, and the killing to stop, they have the answer in their own hands. Lobby their government in Israel to stop the settlement building and negotiate in good faith for a just, two-state solution to this never-ending slaughter. A viable, Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza, co-existing, peacefully alongside Israel. Is that too much to ask?

As far as Israel is concerned, if the jack-boot fits, they should wear it!

To counter Hamas' thuggery, they should cease being militaristic thugs themselves!


Yours sincerely,

John Watkins, Auckland