Auckland rallies for Palestine
Tuesday, 29 July 2014
Auckland speaks out and shows solidarity with bereaved and bleeding Palestinians

New Zealand 26 July. The videos below cover the speakers at the Rally and the two wonderful Palestinian girls speaking in Aotea square.

Billy Hania speaks followed by Kia Hania reciting a poem in solidarity at Gaza/Palestine Rally.

Joe Carolan-Unite Union speaks in solidarity.

Billy Hania speaks outside US Consulate.

Joe Carolan - Unite Union speaks outside US Consulate.

Syd Keepa CTU - Mana speaks in solidarity.

Catherine Delahunty MP Green Party speaks in solidarity.

Green Party is calling for Economic sanctions against Israel.

Roger Fowler - Kia Ora Gaza speaks in solidarity.

Janfrie Wakim PHRC speaks in solidarity.

Two Palestinian Children From Auckland speak in solidarity.